Rational Atheist spotted the talent spark and paved for the voyage of ultra orthodox Vaishnavaite

Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan himself claimed that mathematical equations held no meaning for him unless it expressed the thought of God. He even went a step further and said that it was the goddess of Namagiri who appeared in his dreams and revealed those equations to him.

Many of the Ramanujan’s equations are wondered at without even knowing about what he thought of them and where they came from.

Nothing would have come out from Ramanujan if he had chosen to remain ultra orthodox Vaishnavaite and not cut off his ‘kudumi’. The identification of the talents available in Ramanujan was rightly located by the rational atheist Englishman G.H. Hardy by seeing the spark in the raw, unschooled colonial clerk, being taken under his wing enabling Ramanujan to set sail for England.


“Soon enough,” Alice Dreger writes at the beginning of her romp of a book, “I will get to the death threats, the sex charges, the alleged genocides, the epidemics, the alien abductees, the anti-lesbian drug, the unethical ethicists, the fight with Martina Navratilova and, of course, Galileo’s middle finger. But first I have to tell you a little bit about how I got into this mess.”

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Editor Answers

Q :  In  what way should the students agitate in order to achieve reservation for jobs in the private sectors ?                                                                        
- T. Amutha valli , Palayamkottai.

Ans.   :  The social  justice  activists should ceaselessly  expose  and explain  how the students  stand to lose their legitimate rights  because of the privatisation  of jobs  and how they are deprived of   the majority of the  job opportunities. This would surely bear fruits.

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Rationalist Movement resolutes in its General Council

The sixteen resolutions unanimously passed in the historic General Council meet  of Dravidar Kazhagam ensured at Thanjavur on the 13th of June, how far this parental organ of the Dravidian movement is socio centric besides being a counseling body for political outfits in India.

Even a casual observer will not fail to notice that the younger generation of to – day gather around celluloid elements, be it in TV serials or in pseudo – cultural extravaganza. Not a happy scenario in a developing country like India. Lack of socio political awareness, dearth of scientic temper and engrossment in superstitions are a few of the curses that the modern youth are subjected to.

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Yagam to Appease Rain Gods Begins at Tirumala’s Vedagiri

Yagam to Appease Rain Gods Begins at Tirumala's Vedagiri

The six-day Kareeristhi-Varunajapa-Parjanyashanti Yagam meant to appease the Rain God Varuna and Parjanya, commenced at Vedagiri in Tirumala here on Friday.

As many as 32 Ritwiks from across the country took part in the religious ceremony, which began with Ganapathi Pooja followed by Mahasankalpam which was rendered with TTD executive officer D Sambasiva Rao and his spouse Jyothishmathi – who were referred to here as Sarvopadrastha of Yaga karma.

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