Great thinkers assert that approach alone is the right way of living that considers today wholeheartedly as a good and happy day. The Greek wise man Pythagoras lived some 500 years before Jesus Christ. They describe his period as the golden period of Greece. Yes; he made his period a special era of knowledge and the lives of his disciples really happy. Live with a fortitude of mind that you will enjoy what you have today that is in your hands.

There is no any use thinking of and rueing what has passed and gone. It is a blighted leaf fallen down and can never rejoin the tree in its life. It is nothing but a waste to be thrown into the dustbin. How useful are the words of advice said by Pythagoras! The analogy is very appropriate. He said, “Do not draw pots after they have turned into ashes.”

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India’s founding fathers saw decentralisation as creating living social spaces around constitutional protections blending together pride of ‘citizenship’ with the richness of multi-cultural identities.

The cascading collapse of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and the merger of the two Germanys in the early 1990s and the rapid unfolding of information-driven globalisation and terrorism have since raised the spectre of disintegration for most multicultural nations. But this also makes India a mystery wrapped in a puzzle!

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Arindam Chakrabarti

Democracy Centre for Study of Developing Societies, Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawali at Manoa, Honolulu, U.S

A young girl in Jharkhand committed suicide because her father refused to build a toilet for her. When will the Indian male’s insensitivity to women’s basic needs change?

Indian men urgently need basic ethical education. Since the 19th century, women’s education has been a progressive obsession with enlightened Indian social reformers. Although much remains to be done to get anywhere close to equal access to education for the genders, there is no dearth of social and political discourse about the need to educate our daughters.

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Bondi an atheist Jewish Anglo – Austrian, was an eminent mathematical physicist, astronomer and cosmologist. He is probably best known as one of the chief architects of the steady state model of the universe, which he defended between 1948 and the mid – 1960s when it was disproved by observations. However, it would be unfair to identify his scientific work with the steady state theory.

From 1947 to the 1990s, Bondi contributed to a variety of problems in astrophysics and relativity theory and he was a central figure in the renaissance of general relativity, roughly the 1955-1975 period.

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The human quest for self-knowledge, existential context, and meaning, spurs introspection and magnificent art, music, imagination, story-telling and culture. It can make you a seriously evolved human being, or a depressive wreck, depending on the answers you come to or fail to come to. That’s spirituality, and I’m all for it.

Organised religion of any persuasion also spurs introspection, music, art and story-telling, but it is an entirely different beast -think political gorilla in pious little veil. It is probably the most pernicious form of socio-political control in human history, and we put up with altogether too much rubbish and injustice in its name.

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