K.R.A. Narasiah

This book is a unique collection of articles on the trajectory of South India’s history from pre-historic times to the present, contributed by both Indian and Japanese authors, and edited by the South India historian from Japan, Noboru Karashima, who is familiar to the Indian reader by his earlier scholarly writings and lectures. Divided into eight broad time divisions, the collection carries articles reflecting recent advances by erudite Indian scholars like Y. Subbarayulu and P Shanmugam, who have worked earlier with Karashima on various projects in India.

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editor answers

What is the difference between the criticism of Periyar on Gandhi (Mahatma) and that of BJP on Gandhi?

- K. Samathuvan, Vellore.

Periyar’s criticism is on certain principles viz, Varna Dharma, religion and caste, etc., But that of Godse group is against the animus of Gandhi towards religious fanaticism and communalism, his fraternity with Muslims etc.,

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