Many people who don’t feel they belong to any religion say that they are “spiritual; but not religious”. For them, being ‘religious’ means being a faithful member of a church or a loyal partisan to one religion or another. When polls ask these people about God, a large majority say that they still believe in a god or a universal spirit.

A person who believes in something more than the material world with its materialistic priorities can find the label “spiritual”helpful. Some actually believe in spirits visiting this world, some cosmic mind or love force, or a divine power that made the universe. Others use the word spiritual to capture their personal sense of purpose and meaning that they feel materialism alone cannot provide.

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- Dharmanand Meshram

The Irish statesman Edmand Burk has said that it is very easy to mean the wisdom? Personal or public wisdom? Self centered or society oriented? How should one  recognized as wise or intellectual? What are the indicators of wisdom and intellect? Do these concepts carry same or equal meaning? Or are these concepts same or parallel?

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Rape is a sexual assault that is carried out abuse of authority, on persons who do not consent. Sometimes the victims fiercely resist, sometimes they are too afraid to speak out. Stories about rape and violence are probably as old as mankind and most victims are women.

Often, around the world, it is the only crime where the victims are routinely blamed and sometimes are even punishable under law, instead of the perpetrators. It is also a common feature of warfare, where women of the defeated faction are raped as a sign of triumph for the victors, and annihilation for the losing side.

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Annai Maniammai (1920 – 1978), the brave woman leader, was responsible  and helpful for the longer life of the Social revolutionary Periyar E.V.Ramasamy (1879 – 1973), by taking care of  his  personal health and care enabling him to live longer. Many of the  progressive ideals of Periyar  became a reality through  the legal sanctions of the State  during the last  5 years of the life of Periyar, who lived for 95 years. After the demise of Thanthai Periyar, Annai Maniammai led the rationalist movement founded by him.

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While modern science and technology is now accepted everywhere as an integral part of one’s everyday living, few ever stop to think, particularly in our country, about the obligations which rest on the users of the benefits of science and technology.

The most important of these obligations is the understanding of the scientific method and the development of a scientific outlook. In this article an attempt will be made to detail the need for such an outlook, to define some of the problems in its creation and to make some suggestions in regard to the responsibilities of the scientists in the development of a scientific outlook.

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