Ques :Will there be an Agricultural Revolution in India ?
-V.Duraipandian, Thiruthuraipoondi

Ans : Suicides of farmers continue to be, because of the failure of rains, denial of waters by the up-country States, drought conditions and also due to poverty. A stage is being set for the Revolution of Agriculturists much earlier than Agricultural Revolution.

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Many of us very often are embarrassed that some good pieces of news, or some new thoughts that occur to us from time to time are forgotten. Yes, it is true. There are plenty of news items and thoughts kept stored in our minds. It is quite natural that we forget them. There are some important persons who are not an exception to such forgetfullness. They often confess that they wanted to tell us many things important, but they have now forgotten them all now. For these reasons it is very important to keep always with us a small pocket size note book and a pen.

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According to the English dictionary, the word dissent means strong disagreement or dissatisfaction with established ideas or values. And Bharatidasan is a poet who expresses in his writings a strong disagreement with the established ideas and values of his days. It is this voice of disagreement or dissent that we are going to examine.

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Dr. K.Veeramani, President – Dravidar Kazhagam addresses

The Rationalists’ Forum, a functional wing of Periyar Movement organised the Art and Cultural Festival at Chennai – Villivakkam on 9th June 2013, commemorating the 123rd Birth Anniversary of revolutionary poet Bharatidasan.

Periyar Movement has been celebrating the birth anniversary of the Poet  for many years. But a turning point was witnessed. In earlier 1990s, in order to erase the art and cultural identities of the Tamils, the Pontiff of Kanchi Mutt in Tamil Nadu organised Hindu Art and Cultural Festival at Chennai. To expose the hidden agenda of the Hindu Art Festival, and to arouse the Tamil population beyond organisational identities in a constructive way, Dr.K.Veeramani, President- Dravidar Kazhagam appealed for the Celebration of the Art and Cultural Festival of the Tamils.

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Eradication of Castes : Congratulations to the Chief Ministers

30th March 2013

Thiru. Ashok Gehlot
Hon’ble Chief Minister
Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Respected Sir,

I am happy to know that the Government of Rajasthan under your steward leadership as Chief Minister has announced cash award of Rs. 5 lacs to the couples of inter-caste marriage, where either the  bride or bridegroom must be a Dalit. This is a revolutionary step by your Government towards eradication of caste and emancipation of the dalits.

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