Periyar’s 39th Memorial Day (Dec. 24, 2012)

Dr. K.Veeramani along with the cadres pays respect at Periyar Memorial

Periyar’s 39th Memorial day was observed by the Blackshirt cadres of Periyar Movement and the lovers of humanity from the different fields. Whether it is Birthday or Memorial day, Periyarists do not consider them for any festivity or as a mere formality The days are meant to remember  the  great social revolutionary and rededicate themselves for the cause of propagating and practising the humanist ideals , founded by  Periyar.

M.K Stalin unveils Periyar statue at Chinglepet

On 24th December , Dr.K.Veeramani along with the  cadres laid the wreath at the Periyar Memorial, situated at Peryar Thidal, Chennai, as a mark of respect . He took the oath followed with the pronouncement of the assembled cadres to rededicate themselves for the cause In the evening of the day, 39 kms away from Chennai at Chinglepet, the Statue of Periyar was unveiled.

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Asiriyar Answers

Question : Recently, in North West region of Tamil Nadu one non Brahminical graded high caste community has ravaged the belongings and properties in another non Brahmanical lower caste settlements. The media critics cunningly attribute the horrible events to the failure of Periyar ideology, striving for the abolition of caste system and point out that it is a setback to Dravidian Movement. The same sect of critics, when people suffer and die due to poverty or due to other economic reasons, do not attribute such happenings as the failure of Marxian ideology! Why do they do so?

- Tamil Selvi, Dharmapuri

Answer : Media particularly the upper caste controlled media always wear different glasses for different persons while reporting or evaluating. Hence this dichotomy!

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WAITING FOR A FLYING SAUCER AGAIN… of psychopaths, profiteers and big doomsday biz

20th December, 2012. Doom is looming large. Our world is claimed to come to an abrupt end tomorrow. One of the few places on earth expected to be spared is the French village of Bugarach, south west of Carassone.

Nestled in the shadows of the Pyrenees, it is a legendary place. Some 800 years back, Pope Innocent III launched here a bloody crusade to extinct Cathar heresy. Tomorrow, aliens with a flying saucer are expected to land here to rescue the chosen ones. Fearing the worst, the mayor of Bugarach has called in police to cordon off the alien landing place.

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‘Claim that the world comes to an End’ Superstitious Doomsday, proved wrong!

Rationalist Propoganda of Periyar Movement

On 22nd December 2012, the next day of the mispropagated  Doomsday, the functional wings of Periyar Movement viz. Dravidian Youth Forum, Dravidian Student Wing , with the initiatives of Periyar Rationalist Art & Literary Wing staged morning hours ‘Street Drama’ to disprove the superstitious belief about Doomsday, founded by Maya Calendar and popularised by the print and electronic media.

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The hypothetical lost continent of Lemuria and the controversies surrounding it

The correct information on the hypothetical Lost Continent of Lemuria, and the lost land of Kumari of the Tamil oral and literary traditions are important in the study of the origin of the Tamils/Dravidians.

As we have mentioned earlier there were many 19th century European geologists who believed in the drifting as well as the sinking of continents. One of those scientists who was a biogeographer, was Philip Lutley Sclater (1829-1913).

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