Can’t Muslim cop sport beard?

 Apex Court scrutinizes the service regulations!

One personnel of State Reserve Police of Maharashtra belonging to Muslim religion sought permission from the  Commandant to sport a beard as per his religious faith and he was allowed to do so. Subsequently the permission was cancelled in view of the amended service guidelines but he was not heared.

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Asiriyar Answers

Qn : Why do yourself and DK cadres always wear Black Shirts? Is there any significance attached to it?

- S.N.Arivumathi, Madurai

Ans: Black shirt is a symbolic protest against the social degradation, imposed on the depressed and down-trodden majority by calling them shudras-meaning ‘bastards’, or, illegitimate issues, (according to Manu smiriti). To create awareness and to show our awakening, we wear black shirts as per the decision of the leadership of the Movement.

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Let’s read and read to sharpen our reason Dr.K.Veeramani

- Translated by Prof.S.F.N.Chelliah

Food, of course, is necessary for all living human beings. But with the point of view of human life, man needs food also for his brain, as he is the greatest of all living beings. Many of the human beings, it appears, live just to eat. Only a few eat just to live. Did man invent all the machines to spend all the fuel? Not at all. He invented the fuel only after inventing machines to operate them. In the same way, life is not meant for eating, but food is meant to supply enough fuel for the functioning of the body.

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yukthiyugam A Rationalist monthly in Malayalam, launched!

Science Trust, an affiliate of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA) has launched  a rationalist monthly magazine in Malayalam.

‘Yukthiyugam’, the rationalist magazine was launched in a function, organised on 13th January 2013 at Prof. Joseph Mundaserry Hall in Thrissur, Kerala. Many affiliates of FIRA and progressive organisations , serving for the cause of developing scientific temper, including the Rationalists’ Forum,Tamil Nadu participated in the function.

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A set of short stories re-tell the epic from radically different perspectives

Centuries ago, the God-turned-prince Rama married Sita, a princess who was an incarnation of the soil. They lived happily, until one day the prince had to go into exile — in view of the larger good. The princess followed him, out of sheer love. The hardships of the forest notwithstanding, they lived happily together, until the princess was abducted — again, for the larger good.

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