Pope Francis said atheists could take moral decisions just like religious people, in an unprecedented letter to a left wing Italian daily. “The question for people who do not believe in god is listen to their consciences. Also for those without faith, sin is going against their conscience”, he said.

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outsourced labour

Bidisha ShonarKoli Mamata, better known as Bidisha, is a critic, broadcaster and writer specialising in the arts and culture; social affairs including gender, class, sexuality and race; and international affairs.

[One of  India’s fastest growing industries treat women as bodies for rent. Surrogacy tourism is now worth $2.3 billion to the Indian economy]

Infertile? Fancy a Holiday? Visit India, where you can buy gems from Jaipur, see the Taj Majal and collect a baby, your own flesh and blood, couriered to the country in a parcel, carried for nine months and birthed by a greateful Indian surrogate.

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The Turbulent Universe

[Paul Kurtz is Professor of Emeritus of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Buffalo He is chairman of the Institute for science and Human Values, and also Chairman of Prometheus Books one of the top fifty publishing houses in the United States. He is a Fellor of American Associatin for the Advancement of Science, and Humanist Laureate and President of the International Academy of Humanism. He is the author of some 55 published books . He has also published some 900 articles and reviews. An influential public speaker, he has appeared in the media worldwide.]

The emergence of Science and Reason A radical change in understanding nature occurred when humans recognized that supernatural explanations could not account for natural phenomena.

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