Immoral Traffic – Prostitution: Dravidian Press on the abolition of Devadasi System in the Madras Presidency (1927-1949) Part II

- Dr.V.Venkatraman*

Viscount Goschen, the Governor of Madras and  Baron Irwin, the Governor General gave their assent to the Bill on 13th May 1929. By the Act, the Provincial Government was entrusted with the responsibility to have control over the management of the temples for the good of public. With the help of the Act, the devadasi community developed a sense of self-respect and dignity and the community itself understood the evils of the system.
Devadasi Bill Again

During the time, V. Ramadoss Pantulu withdrew his resolution on the abolition of Devadasi system from the Central Legislature. The press in Tamil Nadu continuously cried to abolish the evil enduringly.

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- Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

A political leader in Great Britain was once prosecuted for calling the King a fool. The charge: he exposed a government secret! What transpires today in Vatican is nothing short of this comic episode. Vatican does not seem to reform any of her outdated inherent foibles, but seems to be very annoyed and busy with plugging holes all over her administrative venues, being leaked out to the world in large number today.

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I hate to be contrary, but was anybody other than I frightened when three viable candidates at a political debate of would-be presidents admitted that they do not  believe in evolution? And how different are these candidates from those who grudgingly admit they believe in the most tested scientific theory of all time but refuse to openly endorse it? - Keith Taylor

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