Brahminism India – Thanthai Periyar

- E.V. Ramasamy

Justice Condemns Gujarat C.M. – What the Justice has to comment on the Hindu fanatic in power!

‘Cho’ Ramasamy who is exploiting the political congenial situation in Tamil Nadu to perpetuate and promote the Hindu fanaticism here, proclaimed that there are only two manly Chief Ministers in India at present : they are Narendra Modi and Jayalalitha.

Even before the ink of the print of this report in the media got dried up, there has come the strongest stricture from the court of law and justice. The Irony is, such strong condemnation of the Hindu fanaticism goes totally unnoticed by the majority of the Tamil Nadu population, who should be the more appropriate people to register. Here are the excerpts from ‘The Hindu’ dated 20-01-2012.

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“Why am I an Atheist?”

of Bhagat Singh at crossroads in the Madras Presidency, 1931-1934 – II - Dr.V.Venkatraman

“I look forward to the death of religion” – Dawkins

Richard Dawkins – Scientist, bestselling author of “God Delusion” and the world’s foremost atheist blasted at the Jaipur Literataure Festival “lamentable disgrace” of Salma Rushdie’s enforced absence. He also launched into a broadside against the “virus of faith” and said he looked forward to the “complete death of organised religion” in his lifetime.

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Anti- Depressed Movement

Caste and Politics in Regard to Anna Hazare