On 18th April 2016, Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) conducted Picketing Agitation for the Appointment of duly trained Archakas, irrespective of their castes in all the temples under the control of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Board in Tamil Nadu. The agitation was presided over by the Self-Respectful Dr.K.Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam. Besides Prof. Suba Veerapandian, General Secretary, Dravidian Tamils Federation, Respectful Adhiaman, President, Adhi Tamils Federation and Poet Va.Mu.Sethuraman, President, International Tamils Relations Forum joined the picketing along with the Black Shirt leaders and cadres of DK and rank and file of the fraternal organizations.

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In India, Haryana government’s sudden decision to rename Gurgaon as Guru Gram, after the mythical character Dronacharya, has come as a shock to many people, who are waxing eloquence on why the move does not augur well for the country’s industrial development. But it needs to be seen in a different light because the move not only revives memories of one of the most roguish and abominable characters in Mahabaratha but also underlines the need to reaffirm the necessity to continue the reservation policy, besides seeking its extension to the private sector.

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Centenary of Justice Party (1916-2016)

90th Year Of Self Respect Movement (1925-2015)


Dravidian organization was founded with a cardinal aim of eradicating social inequalities. Despite heavy odds, it has been progressively marching ahead in all these eight decades. Various leaders and social activists strove hard to extend the tenets of this organization in social, cultural and political angles. But among all these leaders, it is Periyar who stands pre-eminently high in giving active sustenance to this socially oriented campaign.

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When we have electric light in our Pooja Room, Why should we light an oil lamp ?

- J.N.Daamodhar

Why should we do things blindly, without thinking. Lighting oil lamp is one such thing.

Before electri-city came to our country, we had no choice, than to light an oil lamp in our Pooja room. Generally, our Pooja Rooms are built without windows. Hence, the room will be dark. We can not see the deities, clearly, without a lamp, even during day time. Hene, lighting of oil lamp in the pooja room was being done. When we have electric light, where is the need for an oil lamp, in the pooja room?The oil lamp only makes the pooja room messy. We are lighting the oil lamp, more as a ritual, than with any other purpose or meaning. More over, lighting of oil lamp, as well as burning of camphor, generates, black soot. The black soot, thus generated, darkens the pooja room walls and the roof. Hence, let us think rationally, before we light the oil lamp or burn camphor, inside the pooja room.

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Our society needs revolutionary policies. Rationalist propaganda should be geared up. With that noble object, we start Rationalists’ Forums and Associations. There may be people who would condemn such rationalist associations springing up. They would raise the false cry that our movement is against something or someone. I tell you very plainly, whether we are really against such things or not. We are never against justice or opposed to reason. We call our organisation as Rationalists’ Forum. It is for you to think over yourself.  That is what we expect and that alone would be the right thing to do. See what other persons are doing. They join with others and behave as brutes. They start Varnashrama Dharma  Associations. It is to protect castes. They form Sanatanist Associations to protect the old order. They talk high of what Ram did, or Krishna preached and such other nonsense. For all these they claim rights. They don’t allow you to think independently. You have no right to think about what all is said about god, religion, spiritual heads and other things. They mistake that our propaganda is against their god, religion and shastras. They raise the cry that our propaganda hurts their feelings. What does it matter to us? Let them go to dogs!

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