When we have electric light in our Pooja Room, Why should we light an oil lamp ?

- J.N.Daamodhar

Why should we do things blindly, without thinking. Lighting oil lamp is one such thing.

Before electri-city came to our country, we had no choice, than to light an oil lamp in our Pooja room. Generally, our Pooja Rooms are built without windows. Hence, the room will be dark. We can not see the deities, clearly, without a lamp, even during day time. Hene, lighting of oil lamp in the pooja room was being done. When we have electric light, where is the need for an oil lamp, in the pooja room?The oil lamp only makes the pooja room messy. We are lighting the oil lamp, more as a ritual, than with any other purpose or meaning. More over, lighting of oil lamp, as well as burning of camphor, generates, black soot. The black soot, thus generated, darkens the pooja room walls and the roof. Hence, let us think rationally, before we light the oil lamp or burn camphor, inside the pooja room.

We can easily, understand the reason for lighting oil lamp in olden days. At present, where is the need for the oil lamp. Like wise, for burning camphor, at the end of pooja, there might have been a reason, in olden days. At present, there is no reason. Burning camphor, produces lot of black soot inside the pooja room. Apart from spoiling the room walls, it is not good, on health point of view. Hence, it is better not to burn camphor at the end of pooja.

Also, there is risk of fire accidents, when we burn camphor inside pooja room. At least I know one case, where the Managing Director of a Company, got burnt, due to accidental fire, on account of burning camphor, inside the pooja room. He was an ardent devotee of God, and always used to put vibhoodhi and kumkum on his forehead. It was unfortunate, that this has happened to him. But this fatal accident took place, in his house itself, few years ago.
So, whatever we do as devotion to God, should not be done,  blindly.

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