The Saffronites are those who have burnt the flag of our Nation and they are the disciples of Savarkar who pitifully pleaded clemency from the Britishers. The BJP ruled Haryana State has named an airport after a Sangh Pariwar member after removing the name of Bhagat singh. Such unpatriotic R.S.S. need not give a certificate of to us. We belong to this country, love it endearingly and strive hard for the eighty per cent poor and indigent of this nation.

We heartily believe in Constitutional Law and attach ourselves to Dr.Ambedkar. We won’t bear anybody else or even Sangh Pariwar to oppose that Law. We respect not an iota of Manu’s law that is dictated from Jhandewalan Estate of R.S.S. and that of Nagpur. Nor do we like the structure of casteism in this nation.

The Constitutional Law refers about the relief measures to set right the injustice meted out by casteism. So also does Dr.Ambedkar. The same leader speaks against death sentence also. He also speaks about the freedom of speech. We are desirous of upholding the Constitutional Law. But our opponents indulge in a false propaganda in cahoots with their media friends. When Smriti Irani threatens to stop our scholarships, these people say they will fight for us. What a fun it is! But in fact, there is a reduction of 17 per cent in the Budget allocation for Higher Education.

Neither they have built a hostel for us in all these four years nor have they supplied wi-fi connection. The University has no money to supply fuel to a vehicle presented to us by BHEL Industries. But ABVP members go on vociferously assuring us to provide us with all these things.

Their real shape and figure will be exposed if we invite them for an open discussion on the basic problems of the country. With all humbleness, I submit problems related to the rights of women, Dalits, aboriginals and minorities. This is much against what Mr.Subramanian Swamy’s harangue that we spread violence.

I challenge the rank and file of the R.S.S. Let us personally argue on violence; raise questions on passionate shoutings. Let them reply why they say that they will put ‘tilaks’ with blood and offer ‘arthi’ with bullets. Whose blood they want to split? They have silenced the poor with bullets when the miserable poor begged elsewhere for food. Tried to restore peace by using their guns and their bullets were darted against Muslims.  So is the effect when women pleaded for their rights.

They say that not all the fingers are alike in a hand and women should declare their purification in a sacrificial fire as Sita in Ramayana has done. India’s Democracy confers equal rights to students, labourers, poor men, rich men and to the billionaire Ambani. But when we claim rights for women, they cry that we spoil the Indian Culture and heritage.

Please look into my cell phone. They speak ill of my sister and mother with unprintable words. When they speak of Bharat Mata, is not my mother included in it. If my mother is not inclusive in that Bharat, your concept of Bharat Mata is not agreeable to me.

These people abuse with words my mother who supports our family with a meagre salary from Anganwadi. I am ashamed that these Bharata Putras do not see that the indigent dalit farm labourers also form part of the Bharat Mata. I pray with folded hands the parents, sisters, peasants, tribes and labourers of this nation. I challenge the so-called patriots whether they are bold enough to shout Inqulab Zindabad, Sukadev Zindabad, Bhagat Singh Zindabad and Ambedkar Zindabad.

However, they enact the drama of celebrating the 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr.Ambedkar. If they are bold and courageous, let them raise questions as much as Ambedkar about the atrocities of casteism. About the communal reservation in private sector also. If you all raise these questions with bona-fide intentions, I am ready to believe that you are all genuinely patriotic. But infact the country belongs to the general public. But in the concept of your country, there is no place for the poor and the hungry. Such a country of prejudices is not a country at all.

Fascism has been gripping its stranglehold on the country, as I said in a TV interview yesterday. Even the media is also not free from it. Directions are forwarded from the R.S.S. office as to how the media should behave. What has been done by Congress during its emergency rule, these people also do in the same style.

A few friends of the media pointed out that our University has been functioning with the money of the tax-paying public. It is true. The Universities are for dispassionately analysing the conscience. If the universities fail to do this, it will be a curse to the nation. If a nation doesn’t champion the cause of the poor and the downtrodden, it will become a wild jungle of exploiters and black-marketers.

No nation can survive without including its culture, rational beliefs and legitimate rights. We solemnly and strongly stand by the dreams of Dr.Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh, also for the equality and self-respect. In struggling for these noble causes Mr.Rohith Vemula had to give up his life. We plainly speak to the cadres of Sangh Pariwar. Shame it is because of your misrule. No longer can you do what you have done to Mr.Rohith.

We declare the unity of the peasants and the poor of all countries, barring those of Pakistan and Bangladesh. We worship the humanism of India and of the whole world. We have identified those who are inimical for humanism; exposed the evils of capitalism, Brahminism and casteism. Still they have to be uncovered to enable us to get true freedom through the Constitutional Law in Parliament.

Setting aside our minor conflicts and differences, we must safeguard our rights and the unity of our country. Fight strongly against divisive forces that shelter the terrorists. Let me put a question at length. Who are these Afsal guru and Kasaf? How to face their violence? Killing a person alone is not violence. Denial of legitimate rights conferred on Dalits is also a State – sponsered violence. They speak on justice. Who to decide what is justice? Brahminism prevented the entry of Dalits into temples. We questioned that prejudices of yesterday. today the justice and liberty of R.S.S. excluded us from those privileges and hence we question them. When equality is betowed on everybody else, we abide by their justice and liberty.

Friends, the present trend is very bad. The student union has never supported violence or terrorist activity. The union strongly condemns those the unknown agitators who hailed Pakistan.

Be aware of a truth of the cadre of ABVP. They are excitably interested in filling all the vacancies with their men in various organisations. Dreaming of getting this done when persons like Chauhan are in powerful positions. Once they get the job, the cadres will forget partiotism and Bharat Mata. What to say of tri-coloured national flag which they never respected?

If a proprietor doesn’t behave with his sub-ordinates, and a landlord who ill-treats his labourers and a media mogul who pays lesser to the working journalists, can these be called patriotism? Their patriotism ends with the cricket match they arrange with India and Pakistan. Saying that the vendor is selling a dozen of oranges as exorbitant and when he refuses to give at a rock-bottom prize, they will declare him a traitor. Are they really patriotic? However, two years they have ruled. Whatever they feel like they want to do in the remaining three years.

Make it clear to them that no one has said Pakistan Jindabad and nobody has supported terrorism. Ask them why permission for the meeting withdrawn after giving it at first. I feel they may not understand that what we stand for is genuine democracy. Go around the campus and disseminate among the students that we will never allow the ABVP to divide the country and divide the unity in JNU. Thanks.


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