We shall not be able to have peace and harmony if we do not have adjusting nature with each other whether it is in the family or office. We shall be only disappointed if we do not do our part hoping that others would do it. Therefore let us begin. Before we ask anything or expect anything from others let us try
to find the answers for the three questions for ourselves.
 Is it true ?
 Is it lovable?
 Is it necessary?

When you offer promises, do so after careful consideration; do not get into trouble by giving promises in a hurry. I have, sometimes the habit to please my friends or not to offend them, I promise to them that I would come or that I shall do it. Later I will find it very difficult to fulfil the promise. On such occasions, my wife used to reprimand me pointing out how I have to struggle now having promised in a hurry. I used to realize the folly now and then. When there is an opportunity for you to appreciate others, do not hesitate to do it at once.

Miss not the chance to immerse them in joy. Give up the habit of talking ill of others or negatively. Stop listening to or enjoying the backbiting of persons. Learn to forgive others. Our beloved Anna used to say often “We shall forgive and forget.” Some do not have the mind to forgive and some others do not know how to forget. Learn to consider it as a virtue and then you will automatically come up in life. Forgiving tendency will automatically come into you if you realize at your inner consciousness that many persons behave as per their power and nature. Speak with an open heart whatever you speak; do not engage yourselves in vain speeches.

There can be nothing useful about it. You may differ from others on necessary matters but do not The Modern Rationalist January 2016 35 make it a habit to differ always. When you are in a plight where what you talk or do might deteriorate the situation count fast not 10 but 10,000 yourselves. You shall then automatically restore patience and resilience. Try to correct our defects and progress when others point them out in us if there is truth. Learn to live developing a sense of humour. Kalaignar Dr. M. Karunandhi used to possess a good sense of humour whatever be the situation. It is one of his specialities.

When two friends move with a good sense of humour the gap between them will be reduced very much but don’t forget that an offensive humour or a mockery will create only negative feelings. You should avoid others consoling you but you should be of comfort to others. You should develop the habit of understanding others rather than expecting others to understand you. You should also develop the habit of loving others and caring for them rather than expecting them to love and care for you. Develop all the above mentioned virtues gradually and do not hesitate to make your lives a garden of flowers. Every day is important for developing our lives. Keep acting, realizing that it is proper that we correct ourselves. You are then successful beings and persons immersed in joy.

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