It is only natural that whether it is examination or election, all of us plan how to achieve victory.  Is it enough to only wish? Can we harvest without sowing the seeds?  We should develop strong will required before starting the efforts to achieve it.  The attitude should become very mature.  Only then we can accomplish anything as planned.

Only he who recites in his heart several thousand times, " I shall win, I shall achieve success" and who believes so alone, can enter the gateway of victory.  We should move towards the target with the firmness, saying to ourselves, "The task I have undertaken is not easy but still I shall achieve victory. 

I shall not stop until I achieve victory.  " In the same way as much confidence as Tenzing and Hillary who reached Everest had, before climbing Everest, get into your job and do not get disheartened.  Could they have achieved victory if they had thought feared and hesitated, " Is it the top of the Himalaya? Can we climb and reach Everest?"

Just reflect on it, my dear friends.  Do not take it slightly that it is a journey through a desert.  The path is very clear, camel for the journey is ready first.  Now the oasis will be somewhere near.  If we work hard thinking that even the journey through the desert is just a picnic, then the fruit of victory is on your lap.  Sing then the song by Thara Bharathi, " It is foolish to consider that the hand is just a hand; it is investment to treat the hand as that has ten fingers."

Act after planning thoroughly, the results will take you to the heights of v ictory.  There is nothing that is called a goal which cannot be reached! Go high on the spirit with the adornment of modesty but with a stout heart asserting who can achieve what I cannot, and breaking all the obstacles that come on the way.  Those sitting in a park cannot achieve anything who consider sitting in the park as a tough journey through a desert.  Go forward keeping the team spirit as your first capital.  Think we, not putting forward I for anything and everything. 

Spend time more cautiously than you spend your treasured assets.  Do everything, considering the importance of time.  Work hard till the very end.  Insects, and rats may spoil even a good harvest.  Therefore do your duties concentrating your attention in it. Victory, always victory! Realize that it is not a play, but a serious act.

Translated by : Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

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