Great thinkers assert that approach alone is the right way of living that considers today wholeheartedly as a good and happy day. The Greek wise man Pythagoras lived some 500 years before Jesus Christ. They describe his period as the golden period of Greece. Yes; he made his period a special era of knowledge and the lives of his disciples really happy. Live with a fortitude of mind that you will enjoy what you have today that is in your hands.

There is no any use thinking of and rueing what has passed and gone. It is a blighted leaf fallen down and can never rejoin the tree in its life. It is nothing but a waste to be thrown into the dustbin. How useful are the words of advice said by Pythagoras! The analogy is very appropriate. He said, “Do not draw pots after they have turned into ashes.”

Most of us keep drawing pots and become owners of a bent life. Therefore the life that should have been the mine of joy becomes the fountain of sorrow. Let us live strongly believing that every day is a happy day. All the problems that confront us will be melted just as the drops of snow at the sunshine. Buddha, a great philosopher and a rationalist much before Pythagoras, said the same thing effectively in only one word.

‘Equanimity’ is the word with which he meant that we should develop the habit of keeping the mind in equanimity under all circumstances and conditions. The great man Epicures also insists on this. No sorrow can affect a person with a tranquil mind. Can there be greater living condition for those who harvest peace than that? Is there any means more effective than equanimity to treat every day as a happy day? Sorrows can never toss up those who are trained in performing everything without any tension like the brook that runs smoothly without much noise.

Periyar used to say in his meetings, “I do not get excited when you praise me. Instead, I accepted them gratefully as your gesture of encouraging me because there would be more who abuse me than those who praise me. If one becomes delighted at compliments he should become sad at abuses. Therefore I do not get overjoyed at anything." This is truly equanimity.

We should possess this every day. A famous Roman philosopher called Lucius Annaeus Seneca explained that it is totally unwarranted that we should cry over what happened yesterday or worry about what might happen tomorrow. Life of today is very special. It starts in the morning and ends at night. It is possible we would have committed mistakes, even unconsciously.

Treat them all as pleasant experiences, the lessons we must learn and education we must acquire. A mentality of being filled with joy will then increase in you. The burden of regretting what transpired yesterday and the fear of what might befall us tomorrow will surely spoil the joy of today. Do not forget; the courage of today that we shall face anything, will dispel the sorrows of tomorrow.

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