Rational Atheist spotted the talent spark and paved for the voyage of ultra orthodox Vaishnavaite

Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan himself claimed that mathematical equations held no meaning for him unless it expressed the thought of God. He even went a step further and said that it was the goddess of Namagiri who appeared in his dreams and revealed those equations to him.

Many of the Ramanujan’s equations are wondered at without even knowing about what he thought of them and where they came from.

Nothing would have come out from Ramanujan if he had chosen to remain ultra orthodox Vaishnavaite and not cut off his ‘kudumi’. The identification of the talents available in Ramanujan was rightly located by the rational atheist Englishman G.H. Hardy by seeing the spark in the raw, unschooled colonial clerk, being taken under his wing enabling Ramanujan to set sail for England.

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