Saviour of Social Justice V.P.SINGH BIRTH ANNIVERSARY

Leader who changed the Indian polity in favour of sudras and panchamas. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi even today claims that he was a tea seller and comes from a “neech jati” (backward caste). How come a party formed for the only purpose of upholding the supremacy of Brahmins and its ideals of Hindutva could sponsor a candidate for the Prime Ministership from a low caste?

States like Bihar, UP, MP where only Brahmins were the Chief Ministers previously are now exclusively the fort of the backwards. How?

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An application by a Muslim lady for an increase in quantum of maintenance awarded to her under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedural Code by the family court was the occasion for a Bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justices Dipak Misra and Prafulla Pant to analyse the purpose and principles underlying Section 125 in its recent judgment of April 5, 2015. Justice Misra, speaking for the Bench in the opening part, eloquently observed:

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Governmentalisation of YOGA

A PURELY individual physical exercise like yoga has for the first time in the history of post-Independence India been given a national status because the Central Government announced that June 21 would become a landmark in Indian history when ‘the whole of India’ would be officially expected to perform yoga exercises.

The Central Government had asked every public servant, autonomous universities/colleges and others to observe June 21 as International Yoga Day, which was accepted by the United Nations at the sole initiative of the Prime Minister.

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My paternal ancestors were French Huguenots, persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, who fled France for the New World and freedom from religious oppression. My maternal ancestors were Irish Protestants who left Ireland for New World to be free from violent religious conflicts between Catholics and Protestants.

Notwithstanding this ancestral history, it was my privilege to be born and raised on a small family ranch in rural Texas where I spent my early years outdoors with nature and animals, free from repressive religion. My parents were casual, cultural Christian Protestants who did not belong to or attend a church regularly but who said grace over meals and prayed some nights expressing gratitude for our lives and blessings.

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