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Q :  In  what way should the students agitate in order to achieve reservation for jobs in the private sectors ?                                                                        
- T. Amutha valli , Palayamkottai.

Ans.   :  The social  justice  activists should ceaselessly  expose  and explain  how the students  stand to lose their legitimate rights  because of the privatisation  of jobs  and how they are deprived of   the majority of the  job opportunities. This would surely bear fruits.

Q :  The Central Minister reccomends  ‘varuna jeba’  (prayer for rain)  to get rain. Is this the way also for progress ?                                                              
- S.Kandhasamy,  Ariyalur.

While talking about progress   they utter such barbaric notions of the B.C. age. This is also a gross violation of the Article  51-A(h)  by which they took a solemn oath when they took up their offices.

Q :  Can we consider the earth quakes as the trial on man made by god as in the view of the believers ?                                                                                   
- Atheist  Sa. Ko., Perambur.

Ans :   Should  we not hang a 100 times this god who tests us so cruelly ? Strange behaviour of a funny person !

Q : Even the patients who have been cured of deadly diseases attribute their cure  to  the sympathy of god. How is it the same thing is said also by some of the doctors ?
 - M .Surya kumar,  Sengalipuram

Ans   : This is a pure reflection of the lack of self-confidence in both.

Q :  Why do the numbers of the towns increase continuing. What is the end to this increase while the villages decrease ?
 - C.Kuselan , Aruvapatty

Ans :  The only solution to this problem is to implement   the one that was prescribed by Periyar. Such a situation will never arise  if the scheme of PERIYAR PURA that aims at raising the villages to the level of the towns is properly implemented.

Q : Emergency  again ?
- K. Mohan, Vellore -2  

Ans   : People will not remain fools this time as of old.

Q : What do you think about the warning of the scientists that if the lower region of the ozone is affected   the growth of the plants will be affected and the level of the sea  will be raised ?
- S.Parthiban,  Ennore

Ans.  This is a matter of great concern for all of us.  All of us should show  great interest in  preventing such an eventuality.

Q : It is said that those who will be greatly affected by the Land Acquisition Bill are the tribes of the mountains.  How?
- V.Seenu, Yercaud.

Ans .  No doubt. The very basis of their life is their land. What will happen to them if even this is lost?

Q : Maoists  sometimes killing the  people and the Maoists getting killed by the Army  are continuing. What is the end to this ?
- K.Shankar , Kumarapalayam

Ans.   First we should find out why Maoists  groups came into being and find appropriate solutions. They are not mere problems of law and order .  This is a horrible consequence of the  big moneyed sharks  swallowing the  basic livelihood  of the poor farmers  and the Governments acting in their favour. 

If we are able to eradicate their poverty and  unemployment  there will not be any need for this.  The governments should understand the reasons for  such  continuous killings, instead of  catching the bull by the tail.       

Q :   Is not yoga a Dravidian culture ?
- P.Duraiyarasan, Kottivakkam

Ans.   Yes. There are sculptured statues in the excavations of Mohanjadaro and Harappa.  A professor from  the  Cambridge University has made a doctoral thesis on this. His research has been published in the form of a book. 

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