Post – Script :- S.Rajaratnam

After the article on “Indus Valley Civilisation” in the last month’s (March 2015) The Modern Rationalist was sent, the following information on the same subject requiring notice was received and now added as under:

“A recent book reviewed in The Hindu dated 24.2.2015 on “A Concise History of South Indians – Issues and Interpretations” edited by Noboru Karashima (published by Oxford University Press) has articles of Asko Parpola and Iravatham Mahadevan besides others referring to the findings by way of archeological discoveries in Uraiyur, Kodumanal, Arikamedu, Alagankulam and Karur in Tamil Nadu and Bhattiprolu and other places in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka of paleolithic and microlithic tools, rock engravings, graffiti inscriptions especially on potheads besides megalithic burials evidencing pre-historic culture of  Dravidian origin prevailing during the  end of second millennium before Christ.”

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