Ageing is something that cannot be avoided in life and cannot be postponed. It has to be accepted whether we are willing or not. It is very important to see that our mind and body function with renewed energy in order to reduce this cruelty and age and to recover youth.

Maturity cannot reach us automatically just as ageing comes to us. In order to trim the body, we have to exercise our limbs in a gym every day. In the same way we have to keep the mind in a good condition through various mental exercises.

Many persons write on maturity and speak about it. But what is maturity? I have been searching for a long time for a book that would help me to write on maturity.

As a very good opportunity I recently got a book, and I share it happily with you all.

  1. Maturity is the individual thoughts and sense which are found in all the human beings. We are like the flocks of sheep. Each human mind is distinctly different. The awkwardness, atmosphere, the professional identities, education, and the official position one holds, may all differ from person to person. Such differences may arise in a family too. They may be the consequences of the situations in their work shop, industries, or the movements they belong. They are all natural consequences. They all happen because of the sixth sense viz. intelligence. Each one has the right to have it. When such difference of opinion arises, it is ‘Maturity’ which will solve these differences without resorting to violence or destructive efforts.
  2.  Maturity is something that by considering with a far sight, the permanent advantages and gains, giving up short term advantages wholeheartedly. It is therefore very important to prepare ourselves for any eventuality. Farsightedness is very essential for life. The reason for the degradation of politics and the public life is the practice of calculating the short term benefits, sacrificing long term benefits earning permanent humiliations and tainting their image. These are the inexperienced half baked persons in haste.
  3. Maturity is the power to bear whatever failures, humiliations, hurdles and losses we may incur in the continuous process of achieving our goal. We shall not rest until and unless we snatch the fruit of success with a sense of firmness.
  4. Maturity keeps you in a larger circle of understanding and recognizing the needs and the rights of others instead of being forever obsessed with the self and the welfare of one’s own spouse and children.
  5. The real maturity is the powerful status to completely hide disappointments, unpalatable events, and bitter feelings but facing them with smiling face not reflecting any hidden emotions.
  6. Above all the definitions, MATURITY is the unhesitating humility. In what way should this humility be kept ?(A) Periyar never hesitated to accept as wrong when it was pointed out to him and proved that whatever he did or said was wrong. This is one aspect of maturity.(B) To come forward to apologize at once and to express regret for the error is another way Such virtues should be taught to our children through our own examples. (C) It is also very important to avoid boasting oneself aloud when we are proved right after some tense arguments hitting at those who were proved wrong. Yes, it is a very tough thing to practise for many of us.
  7. Finally, Maturity is not expecting others, we do everything we need for ourselves and making absolute honesty, the base of our life in all our actions. We should keep our stand without even the smallest change. It also consists of completing the tasks left incomplete by others without any grudge.

It is important to conduct a self examination in the above seven points and know our scores.

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