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What is the difference between the criticism of Periyar on Gandhi (Mahatma) and that of BJP on Gandhi?

- K. Samathuvan, Vellore.

Periyar’s criticism is on certain principles viz, Varna Dharma, religion and caste, etc., But that of Godse group is against the animus of Gandhi towards religious fanaticism and communalism, his fraternity with Muslims etc.,

Service Tax has been hiked. Will it not reflect on the increase of the cost of living?

- M. Pakri Mohamed, Sultanpet

Yes. Surely it will. Along with the increase, it has been extended also, of course to serve the corporates. It spreads its tentacles like on Octobus.

Shall not the media give a priority to rationalistic thoughts, at least after knowing the fundamentalists who attack the media?

-  S. Aasai Thambi – Kothattai

Better if such a wisdom is dawned on them. But it is doubtful.

Is not reducing the subsidy good to the over-all economic growth?

- T.M. Balan, Tirupoondi

Whose economic growth? Is it for the growth of corporate capitalists?

Kindly comment on a number of requests for the one-way travel to Mars?

-  Mullaiventhan, Tiruvannamalai

Let us happily congratulate them on their bold venture to see a New World. It is of course a great wonder that there are many to jump into this venture even after knowing that it is one -way only. Risk taking life is worthy life!

Even though World Women’s Day is celebrated every year, violence against women and coquettish glances on them have not gone off?

- L. Dravida Murasu

Even that celebration has become a mere show and ritual. That is why the regretful violence against them. It’s a shame!

Among those spiritualists who go for the dharshan of the aristocratic Lord Venkateswara at Thirumala (A.P) at , a few persons get defeated and a very few succeeded. To whom does the Lord draw a blank?

- M. Kanniappan, Tiruvaruru

The stark truth is that brahmins who exploit the situation in the name of the Lord draw bank (money) on both the group of the persons. Govinda! Govinda!

In the case of the cruel murder of Nirbhaya of Delhi, Mr. M.L. Sharma the advocate has said that there is no recognition for women in Indian culture. An uproar that has arisen in favour of Nirbhaya has not arisen against Hindu religion. Why?

- V. Sankar Aathirai

Sometime the R.S.S people say something to support the offenders. But it is the women who should have come forward to the streets to oppose those elements vociferously.

Can freedom of expressions both speech and letters be in peril in Tamil Nadu with the mute witnessing as well as the concealed support of the State machinery?

- V. Anbu, Chennai

It is not a secret; it is very open. It needs no evidence.

Is it fair to ban the screening of the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ that is depicting in the Nirbhaya episode in India?

- T. Kanimozhi, Chennai

The ban is not fair. It is a mistake committed by our Government. People must view it and thereby understand the mindset of our criminals.

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