Homage to rationalist stalwart, Govindrao Pansare

The veteran rationalist and communist leader Govindrao Pansare died on 20th February 2015 after battling for life at hospitals at Kolhapur and Mumbai. He succumbed to death after a dastardly attack by so far unidentified men who shot him and his wife while on their morning walk on 16th February 2015.

The fatal episode and the modus operandi was similar to the murder of Narendra Dabholkar, anti-superstition propagandist in August 2013 with whom Pansare was close in the rationalist cause.

The Editorial of The Modern Rationalist has raised its voice condemning the brutal attack and cautioned the State machinery on its ineffective handling of the fatal Narendra Dabholkar episode, where the culprits are yet to be traced, and expressed fears that the bungling could be repeated in the latest episode too.

The rationalist fraternity has lost a brave warrior in the mission of eradication of superstitions. Now, Govindrao Pansare has attained martyrdom for the cause of rationalism. We deeply mourn the sudden demise of the rationalist Govindrao Pansare and convey our condolences to his bereaved wife Uma, who is still under medical supervision, daughters and family members.

Long live the rationalist ideals, torch-borne by Govindrao Pansare!

Editor in Chief

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