These days there are increased concern and responsibility among the public about health
and its proper maintenance. This is, no doubt, a very happy turn around. But it is not enough to maintain only physical fitness.

Dr. Abdul Kalam the other day very effectively pointed out this, quoting Thirukural, “just as the length of the flower lotus is in proportion to the water, so is our greatness is as deep as our mind.” Mind is the very source of our real strength. Therefore we should give equal importance to both physical fitness and mental fitness. We should take special care to maintain our mind also properly.

Recently I purchased a rare book in Canada by Tom Wujec and read it. This has been released twelve years back. Its 11th Edition was published in the year 2003.

The title of this book was The Complete Mental Fitness – To Improve Your Brain Power. I am providing here the salient points from the book. Just as our physical body, our mind also needs proper exercises.

If it does not get enough of it, the mind either gets tightened or it gets weakened. What will happen if the sweat is gathered but is not spent out when we idle ourselves totally ? Just like the body both the brain and the flesh will get idled and weakened. With such weakening effect, our thinking and our focus will be diverted.

Flow of our thought in such a situation will not be like the flow of water. It will be like the stagnant water in a dirty sty. Just as we develop stomach upset and suffer from it, our mind upset also will cause tension, disgust and disappointment leading to the danger of a sense of defeat.

What shall we do to avoid this? You may ask me how we could give exercise to the brain just as we exercise our limbs. I hasten to answer the query before you ask me.

Do you know the easiest exercise to brain? Do not cover your face closely and stifle yourself with a thick blanket of an assumption that, “ There should not be any problem. We should be always very cautious.” On the contrary, learn to face the problems and do not shy away from the problems.

Do not run away. Just as the heroic person who tries to control the ebullient bull in a bull race holding its horns, try in the same manner to powerfully control the surging problems. Instead of small problems when big problems confront you, rise like lions and don’t run like the foxes in search of burrows.

There is no problem in the world which cannot be solved. There may be plenty of persons who do not know how to solve their problems. But an intelligent person who knows life can sharpen his / her brain and solve the problem. Good tools will become more and more bright as we use them more often.

Our brain also will function better if we use it more and more. The efficiency of our brain will not improve if we choose only the usual path and walk only on it because it is safe. Only when we go in search of new things every day and face newer and newer challenges and learn new lessons we shall come up in life. We should not get anything easily. Only when we toil and make hard efforts and get something as a result, we shall realize its worth.

Let us therefore welcome problems. Forget not that only the complicated problems serve as a good and delicious food for our brain. Forget not this bold practice for ever.

Translated by : Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

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