'PK' (2014) is a banal satire on god, god-men and rituals. Cinematic celluloid became the cultural weapon of mankind starting from the 20th century. In no other media except cinema the message intended for dissemination moves faster, capturing the attention and the minds of the viewers.

The movie speaks visually more about god-men than god itself. The harms created by god-men is more deleterious than the concept of god – the reason being god-men are realities who cash upon the non existing god.

The institutional frame work which gives both protection and  projection to god is religion. God is the creation of man. As humans dwelling in one terrain differ from the other on the earth in many aspects, The concept of god  differs according to the culture , design and  outlook of the respective humans.

The gullible persons are  hoodwinked  by the tricks of god-men whose ultimate aim is to keep the devotees, ignorant  preventing them from  getting enlightened and subjugating them to the almighty . Majority of the people are not bothered about the irrationality in their 'divine' belief. More than the analytical approach, fellow beings getting along without  reflecting on the  superstitions  has become the habit  of many .

When all these ironies are  picturised  and screened for the public view, it facilitates their understanding on the false belief and baseless hope vested in them historically. Many film producers and directors would  feel filming the incapability and ironies particularly in matters connected to religion would incur heavy loss  to  them besides earning the wrath of the respective religious sect.

Any serious message if coupled with humour is scripted with the help of average technicians and  it would do no harm to the film makers commercially. Ignorance and ironies in the life of the viewers could be suggestively provided without projecting the propaganda intent. Such a depiction has been made by the joint efforts of artists and technicians of 'PK' movie. The celluloid team is led by  its director Rajkumar Hirani and the hero, Amir Khan.

'PK' movie pinpoints the core belief of god in general. Practically in visual projection, it has to be specified whether it is Hindu or  Christian or Muslim god for an  easy understanding. When the movie was released, the protest move was   cunningly programmed by the Hindu outfits alone. No other religionist came forward to object the scenes connected to their respective religious rituals and practices.

To be specific, a scene has been scripted where the hero after witnessing the offer of wine by the priest to the devotees in the Church, would try to please the god by his likely entry to the mosque with liquor bottles.

He will be driven out of the place by the devotees. No Muslim has subjected to the movie. The exploitative trait of the  Hindu religion when depicted as such in the movie, it made them  protest against  the screening of the movie.

A thief will get angry  when  his ill intension and action get exposed. The protests against 'PK' movie are like that.

When the apex judiciary was approached by the protesters to ban the movie, it observed, “every citizen is entitled  freedom of expression  in the country.”  When the protestors personally attacked  the religious identity of the hero, Amir Khan (There is no religious identity for the hero in the movie since the hero is non religious and unaware of religious affairs as alien to the earth), it was suitably replied by him thus: "I am the only Muslim in the team of the 'PK' movie.

The rest of the artists and technicians are Hindus.”  By the sheer exposure of the meaningless arguments and by concealing their unjustified wrath, the Hindu outfits had to get along without doing anything tangible against the movie and its screening.

The sequence of scenes in the climax reveals the novelty, enriched with humanistic love and affection. The lovers of the movie belong to Hindu (India) and Muslim (Pakistan) religions. In the beginning of the movie in Belgium, the lovers wanted to marry, despite the opposition from the parents.

The heroine, while she was waiting for the arrival of her lover, happens to read  a  letter, wrongly delivered  without any signature (letter related to different lovers) and perceives the letter as that of his lover and wrongly concludes that he had ditched her and comes back to her home country detaching the relationship.

The perception of the heroine was that of the nature due to her brought up in an environment with negative obsession towards muslim masses. In climax, the heroine realizes her mistake at the initiative of the alien.

The entire audience, who are viewing the movie,  highly  move mentally by the flash back scenes of the daily check of the lover muslim boy with his earlier office for any inquiry from his lover girl. Human love is supreme and religious identities and political barriers are meaningless before it. A very good message, the movie conveys!

Commercially 'PK' movie has become a great box office hit both in India and abroad, beating the already set records in the revenue collection of the film world. 'PK' movie is not a routine one  in the filmdom. It is a  trend setter, emulating more film makers to follw this trend  in the line but not imitating it.

The movie is fit enough to be dubbed in all the languages of the country. It is a move to strengthen the secular fabric of this land and people which has been wrongly projected on religious front by the exploitative forces.

Congrats to the 'PK' movie team! We hope  your  culture in movie making will inspire  your fellow film  makers.

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