We wish all our readers HAPPY NEW YEAR – A year with fruitful outcome and eco-friendly atmosphere in our world with new perceptions and determinations.

There are many challenges facing our country today. We are at the cross roads!

The saffron forces, particularly the RSS Sangh Parivar, wants to convert our nation – 'India' into 'Hindu Rashtra' which strikes at the very root of our Constitutional Preamble guarantees – 'Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic'.

Our Country – India is a sum total of multi cultural, multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religious country.

The ruling party (BJP) which has assured the voters during last general election with 'Growth, Employment and Industrialization, etc. is not trying to translate them into reality.

The electoral promises that 'minimum government with maximum governance' is more honoured in breach than in practice.

During the tenure of Atal Bihari Vajpayee's government, the RSS was a back seat driver. But now unabashedly they are open and declare that we are the driver of the vehicle. i.e. Government. They are 'reigning while, Modi (BJP) is ruling'. Parliamentary proceedings are not transacting the routine democratic duties.

What the BJP sowed during their rule as opposition party, they are reaping it now. It is inevitable even though not desirable. The tax-payers money is wasted.

A Roll Royce luxury in a bullock cart journey. "It seems the Prime Minister Modi is not in a position to control the saffron forces effectively .

The Imposition of Sanskrit in CBSE schools and Hindi in all Banking operations is nothing but one step towards naked Hindutva agenda.

Eulogising the murdering  of Gandhi by Nathuram Vinayak Godse who was hanged and declaring statues would be unveiled at various places like Delhi, Poona is the most unkindest of all!

Are we living in the 21st century or in primitive society? How far the fundamental duties adumbrated in our Constitution (Article 51A) are observed? Contrary to that the RSS oriented office bearers want to find scientific temper and science in our puranas and mythologies!

It is ridiculous and a reactionary step.

Religious conversion is done by wooing the gullible with many sops.

Most of the prolific State Welfare schemes are named after Hindutva leaders.

They want to give a 'go-by' to reservation in public sector by selling them to private corporates and thereby making the rich, richer and destroy the principle of social justice. There is no reservation in private sector. They want to kill two birds with one stone. – enriching the private corporate ‘Sharks’ and at the same time eliminate reservation for the depressed and the downtrodden in jobs.

It is high time to awake the people particularly the youths who were opiated by the talk of economic growth and employment.

Secularism and social justice are the two main foundations for our country. We must guard them at any cost.

Bhagavat Gita is a sectarian book. The other division in Hindu religion, Saivaites won't accept it. How could it be declared a Rashtriya Granth?'.

All the progressive secular forces should join together and prevent this kind of erosion of our values – constitutional guarantees.

'Unity in diversity' is being changed by our present rulers as 'divisive in diversity'.

Eternal vigilance is price of our liberty.

"It is easy to give power (but)
 It is difficult to give Wisdom"

- Edmund Burke

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