Q : When will there be the society that has abolished  castes and consequently  needs no reservations?    

- S.Jeevanandam ,  Thiruvarur

Ans : When all of us have achieved social justice and  have become aware of our rights and  responsibilities. We may not then  need  reservations.

Q : Why have more than 300 saffron-clad  Hindu  priests in Bangaluru  fasted and  agitated for the immediate implementation of the law to ban superstitions?

- S. Nallaperumal , Vadaseri.

Ans : His Holiness Veerabadra is a progressive religious leader like our      Kundrakudi Adigalar  and this change has come because of his  progressive views.

Q : If the rational thoughts grow one step forward, superstitious thoughts two steps ahead. Why ?        

-C.Swaminathan,  Utrangarai.

Ans : That is precisely the difference between the bacteria that cause diseases and the effect of the medicine on the sick.

Q : What was the reason for the Dravidar Kazhagam to pass a resolution  for the first time  in favour of prohibition ?  

- C.Madhavi Karunakaran, Periya Karuppur

Ans : Only when the disease  gets worse , a surgery is needed.

Q : In what sense did Periyar say that even sacrifice is  meaningless ?

- K.Mullaivendhan, Salem

Ans : It  happens to be a means of pleasure for the person and yet as we call it  'sacrifice'. Philosophers who speak only truth do not accept this.

Q : What do you say  about  believers who  offer  money into the dumb box even after thieves steal money and jewels in the temples ?

- Kalimuthu, Erode

Ans : They assist the thieves of religion to thrive in their trade. What a sympathy shown to living beings !   

Q : What do you think about the  outdated thinking of the B.J.P.Government planning an alternate route  for the Sethu Samudra project ?

- Atheist  Sa.Ko., Perambalur.

Ans : It is not an alternate route but a fraud in the name of devotion and religion. It seems it was signed by the then Ministers Arun Jaitley, and Uma Bharthi under the Premiership of Vajpayee in the research document  prepared by the Institution of the  Environmental  Engineers called NEERI that chose the Adam’s Bridge area. (the sixth route) The Ramar  Bridge which was non-existing at that time is now being raised mainly to prevent the credit  going to the D.M.K and the United Front. Is it not a big farce that they change their own making after spending so much of money?

Q : How does it become possible for the very ordinary to ascend to the height of power when great political experts and leaders who can really serve the good of the citizens are not able to seize power ?

- M. Karvendhan, Mathurai

Ans : It is the strange factor of the vote bank politics and is the prime weakness     of our democracy. Votes are available at a very cheap cost also.

Q : What does it indicate that the very same party that assassinated Gandhi,   placing floral wreaths at the  grave of the same person?     

-Sirkali K.N.Ramanna, Chennai

Ans : It is a clever  staging of a powerful drama! – A strange dictionary!

Q : There is nowadays a growing trend among  both the  private and the State Travel Agencies to organise trips to only places around  religious shrines. Why so ?     

- P. Gunasekaran, Kaliakavilai.

Ans : It is because the religious trade flourishes – A business trick of the trade!

Q : The B.J.P. Government has announced celebration of Thiruvalluvar’s Day  throughout the country.  Is it not a victory to Mr.Tharun Vijay ?    

- V.Kaniamuthu ,  Truchendur.

Ans : Good publicity for him and victory. Let us wait and see till further  reactions. They want to project Thiruvalluvar as a Hindu. Beware of such moves!

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