Dire Need of Social Reforms

Thanthai Periyar was born and worked as a reformer in Tamil Nadu till last breath in the 95th year of his age. Such ardent social reformers are still acutely needed in many parts of India.

An event in a village-Haraginadoni of Bellary District bears testimony to this urgency.

A blind faith prevalent among the rural masses is if the child is branded with hot iron, it would be healthy. A male child was born in the family of Kenchamma, the grandmother. For some reason or other the child did not cry as soon as it was born. To set it alright and to make it healthier as she thought Kenchamma branded the new-born seven-day old babe eight times.

Too feeble the body of a babe to withstand such a serious burns. This has resulted in septicaemia. In other words, all the body systems including blood circulation and respiratory system have been actually infected. The baby has been admitted to the medical college hospital of the Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences at Vijayanagaram.

The doctors have put the seven-day old child in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Even though the child is put on ventilator and carefully under observation, its condition remains very critical, says the Hospital Superintendent.

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