Delve deep into the facts;get at the truth!

'KRISHNA AVATAR' or GITA is concocted just to defeat and erase the Buddhist and the Jain ideologies!

Some facts about Gita, based on research

  • Gita was not originally  found in the Mahabharata. It was an interpolation in the first century B.C. (Innumerable  proofs available.)
  • Gita does not narrate real events that actually happened. It is not history; but a mere imagination. There are two great lovers of the Gita who emphasize this  fact.

          i.     Gandhi ‘s "Gita My  Mother"

          ii.    Vivekananda "mere imagination".

           (The Otherside of Gita, page 12)

What is the need and urgency to introduce Gita?

Following are the ideas confirmed on the research made by the eminent historian  Romila Thapar  in her Hinduism Revisited in the Chapter  'Syndicated Hinduism':

“Gita  is found only in the first thousand years B.C.. In order just to   give Gita  both antiquity and currency  in the age of 'bhakti  yuga', it was interpolated in the Mahabharata.     

Why was such urgency created for the  brahminical  sanathana  religion? (there was no name of  ‘Hinduism’ at that time) The non-vedic  religions Jainism and Buddhism began to be  very popular  and successful with opposing the yaga rituals.

Yagna replaced by Yoga

The Vedic culture of Aryanism  raising great fire making  yaga, cooking the meat of  cows  fulfilling their prayers and getting absolved of their sins, started losing their grip with the public mainly owing to the propaganda against this. In order to redeem themselves from this unpopularity,   the Aryans  invented  a radical change  by avoiding  the killing of animals in the yagnas  but introducing instead yoga on the lines of the Jain and Buddhist rites  promising that thereby they could be directly  in  touch with God. They thus diverted the attention of the masses changing their yagna methods. In fact yoga replaced yagna. This yoga is the  breathing  practice of the ancient Dravidians. Later the history was changed to suit that it was the original pathanjali. There are a lot of proofs found among the statues in different postures  in  the  excavations of the Sindu  valley. Several books of research  for Ph.D  in the  England and the American Universities have been published  recently. The Aryans  created new myths , after a send off to their  practice of  yaga and  in the place of sacrifice , promising that  that they could see God for themselves directly and thus  yoga became a congenial base for this. Such thoughts are to be seen in the Upanishads.

The avatar  of Krishna is just meant to eradicate the popularity of the Jainism and the Buddhism

These  measures were taken up to retrieve the popularity  lost because of the Jainism and the Buddhism and to revive  Brahminism. Thereby they managed to check the spread of those religions.  They fortified two very important   basic tenets of the Brahminism namely:


  •  Caste based hierarchy the 'varna dharma'  and


  • Slavery of women which they needed as a philosophical basis. Gita the Krishnavatharam was invented by the Brahminism only in this period.

In order to give a divine mantle to the Gita they invented the myth and said  that  Bhagvan Krishnan himself preached this during the Kurukshetra  war.

Inter-caste mixing was prohibited


  • It was emphasized that there should be no mixing of castes because they found the grip of caste distinctions   being watered down and the inter-caste mixing,  spreading  fast and hence they infused such a brain washing   method.
  • They ensured that women did not enjoy freedom or equality by propagating that women were born in sinful vagina (papa yoni) and thus successfully kept them slaves forever. They invented an ingenious and devious principle with which women belonging to all communities were kept as per the caste hierarchy, below the four castes and the fifth caste panjama  as the lowest of the society.  In order to preserve  these  social distinctions, Bhagvan Krishna himself commanded not to shift from  the caste dharma as the caste dharma cannot be changed by any one and  started preaching about karma, athma (soul) and rebirth as the means of perpetuating their principles. Therefore god is a mere imagination and ignorance. The concept of soul is much more dangerous as it was introduced only to ensure that there is no way to escape from  caste dharma, karma  and  cause of original birth (poorva genma vinai)  thereby insisting that caste order  cannot be broken.

There are, it seems, many kinds of   souls

From one soul there grew strangely many souls like  athma, jeevathma and anthar athma.  Reflect deeply :  athma – jeevathma – paramathma !

After saying that athma is immortal why then jeevathma and paramathma? Is there varna betham (caste difference) also among the souls? Is not then the titles like mahathma conferred by humans quite an expected one?

Therefore this is a well planned conspiracy. How can it take place in a country declared as secular government through a Constitution?  How can it become the national scripture which has to be cast away on the ground? This is to exploit the masses in deep slumber.



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