Well wishers and readers of The Modern Rationalist might have noticed and gone through the multi-focused special Issue of  this monthly released on the 2nd of December 2014. Its aim is three-fold.  Not only an Annual Number it is, but also a reminder of the Self Respect Day besides celebrating the 82nd Birthday of its Editor.

This journal may not be excelling itself very well amidst umpteen magazines of cinematic world and of sensational and topical issues of politics and current affairs. Nor does it have an interest in them. It believes in the possibility of reforming society from its false beliefs, foolish notions and irrational activities. Strives hard to infuse a scientific temper that is insisted in the preamble of the Indian Constitution. To serve to that extent, it reaches the intellectuals, scholars, social workers and academicians. Let us be optimistic that in the days to come, it will be eagerly read by one and all.

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Women Self Help Groups

Women Self Help Groups Symbol for Economic Renaissance and Social Empowerment Move to scrap them, to be discouraged!

Despite the passing of 45 years of bank nationalization Financial Inclusion still continues as unfinished agenda in the development policy of the Government.   Fight against financial exclusion with the ultimate goal of reaching the un reached continues as the running agenda.To reach the rural folks who are predominant population and with special emphasis to lend for rural women through Self Help Groups, an informal organizational set up which does not require any registration warranted under law.

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Q : When will there be the society that has abolished  castes and consequently  needs no reservations?    

- S.Jeevanandam ,  Thiruvarur

Ans : When all of us have achieved social justice and  have become aware of our rights and  responsibilities. We may not then  need  reservations.

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‘CONVERSION’  is what  harrowing every  ear in India  and filling the foul mouths of the political urchins  these days. There are graded foolish and illiterate  utterances  each surpassing the others  in  lunatic  excesses of the interpretations  of the  term. Unassailable majority mandate given by the electorate to the ruling party seems to have doled out immeasurable boldness and licence to the most ignorant and senseless to make venomous and irresponsible statements on history and secularism guaranteed in the Constitution.

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