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Q : When there are politicians and  spiritual leaders in front line  with immense power and influence  play  the laws  as pawns in their hands , is it  a  comedy or a contradiction  to hold that all are equal  before law ?

- Sirkali   K.N.Ramanna,   Chennai.

Answer :  Contradictions   sometimes;  comedy  mostly.

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Tamil Poet Iqbal,awarded ‘Cultural Medallion’ – The highest cultural Award of Singapore

Indian-origin Singaporean poet and writer K.T.M. Iqbal has been awarded ‘Cultural Medallion’, the country’s highest cultural award by President Tony Tan Keng Yam  in Singapore.

It is the highest recognition for the 74-year-old Tamil poet whose achievements include more than 200 children’s songs written for Radio Singapore in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as seven collections of poetry.

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Towards Sanity for Sanitation

There has been a spurt initiated by the call of the Prime Minister for a clean India. His earlier appeal for a latrine in every house is part of this initiative.

The complaint that India is an open latrine is sought to be met by his appeal. The demonstration of sweeping by leaders does create an awareness, which has been severely lacking.

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The tactical shift from Brahminism to Hinduism A well desined fraud!

The three non – entities: Hinduism, Hindu Community and Hindutva.

Though the Brahmins knew that they are a small community, just 3.5 per cent of the total population of India, they persisted in spreading communal hatred and tacit violence in India against all racial and religious minorities of India in the false belief that the Indian masses were all Hindus (i.e. the slaves of the Brahmins) and that the Brahmins were their acknowledged leaders – cum – masters! In other words, the vain glorious Brahmins believe that they are the leaders of the Hindus, an imaginary community of India.

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