Pre-marital Clinical Examinations,Why not?

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Many individual practices of progressive nature are being used by the people as a routine. But we   trace the origin of the practice, it would have been opposed by few people even at that time, with  an excuse of ‘the majority opinion’. Once the benefit of such progressive practice is  realized by the beneficiaries , such practices would be accepted en mass, in the society.

 To cite an example  , Family Planning practices are popular in Tamil Nadu with wider use  by the people since Periyar was the pioneer advocate for family planning.
Earlier, undergoing birth control clinical treatments was considered a deed against the divine sanction of god.
To reap the full benefit of economic policy planning and development, the Governments thought the population had to be put under control.  With that objective, the Governments made ‘Family Planning ’  an official agenda.
But in Tamil Nadu, prior to formalisation of Family Planning as official agenda by the Government, the social revolutionary Periyar conducted propaganda for ‘Family Planning’ organisationally.
Due to the social initiatives taken by Periyar as early as in the year 1928, prior to the political independence of the country, it has become a popular practice at present  and   the propaganda of Family Planning  by all the social organisations and political parties has become  a part of their activities.
The Government’s propaganda role on Family Planning is only secondary. Invariably in all the marriage functions, while  the wedded couple is being blessed, it is very common to greet them thus; ‘Bear Child optimally; Do Live happily’.
People perceive that adhering to  family planning practices is not an act of negation of god’s sanction but as a welfare measure meant for the couple, family, society and the country at large.
The verdict of Justice N.Kirubakaran of Madras High Court has aroused debate in the press on the  pre-marital clinical examinations by the prospective pairs. Sexual incompatibility is the main factor for the divorce of many couples.
Statistics also substantiate that the number of divorces due to ‘sexual incompatibility’ is on the rise. Sexual incompatibility involves two features. One is lack of sexual health wherein comes impotency of men and frigidity of women.
The other is lack of sexual bond, an issue that is affected by many factors including mental compatibility which in turn involves  mental stress, sexual orientation or lack of interest etc.
Pre-marital clinical examinations  would ensure the condition of sexual health of the prospective couples. Apart from that it would ensure the prevalence of infectious disease if any, like HIV and others which have a bearing on the health of the probable off springs.
Lack of sexual bond has to be dealt with  through proper counselling. Sexual health is related to the physical  fitness for married life and sexual bond is concerned with the mental fitness and harmony of the married couple.
Sexual bond, if it is absent it could be developed  even after marriage by  offering to  the couple  proper counselling. Lack  or  inadequacy of sexual bond is rectifiable where as lack of sexual health is not so.
But such lack of sexual health may be clinically attended to  through systematic  medical treatments and in the long run may be rectified from the  point of view of  the welfare of individual. 
Getting married with the deficiency of impotency on the part of man and frigidity on the part of woman would make  the married life unhappy.
 Life would become void ab initio. People may sermonize carnal satisfaction is not the only purpose in life.  But carnal satisfaction occupies major space in earlier phase of married life and in fact it would be the prime mover for the happy life at that stage.
Denial of this fact may be a  serving point for academic debates and deliberations over the issue  and not for the practical life.
To ascertain the sexual health of an individual, pre-marital clinical examinations is a must.  Undergoing pre-marital examinations would avoid the issue of post marital problems.
To that extent pre-marital clinical examinations are welcome!
K.Veeramani, the ardent disciple of Periyar, President of Dravidar Kazhagam and author of ‘Joy of Living’ has appealed to both Central and State Governments to make suitable insertions in the Marriages Act for pre-marital clinical examinations.
He has, requested all the social organisations, serving  the cause of wellbeing of family and society to enlighten on this aspect, besides undertaking the propaganda of  reccomendation of pre- marital clinical examinations by the organisation under his leadership as  Periyar did for ‘ Family Planning ’. Pre- marital clinical examinations could avoid  sexual incompatibility to a larger extent which would minimise the divorce litigation based on sexual health.
 Considering this  aspect, the advocacy for pre-marital clinical examinations is must. Popularising them among the public and enlightening them for mass adherence is vested with the propaganda machinery which is not Government  but also all the social service agencies.

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