The inscriptions on the platform of the PERIYAR MEMORIAL

These inscriptions made into stone edicts installed at Periyar  Memorial, Chennai are  meant to proclaim to the world  for ever, his  ideals and principles.

These edicts  sum up  Periyar’s mission and vision. For the benefit of those who have not seen them, we are  providing  the texts  one by one along with our crisp comments.                

- Editor

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There is an on-going agricultural revolution caused by artificially induced mutations resulting in genetically modified crops (GM Crops) by causing changes in DNA of such crops.  Such mutations may be formed  by nature or  by being  induced.  When they relate to food crops, GM crops are known as GM foods. The process induced by human agencies is known as genetic engineering, which had received a boost in some countries in the recent times as a means to evolve a new crop or improve the quality of crop or give it  a longer shelf-life.

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