Confluence of Social Justice Voices

Dr. K.Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam addresses

The  persistence of discrimination, inflicted as divine sanction  on the major section of people in the society over a long period of time has  caused major disabilities distancing them from education and employment. This inhuman practice  continued  in the name of god and religion. Even prior to the political Independence of the country, this sort of social discrimination was exposed and   compensatory measures were   implemented   by the British governance.

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The game of superstitions

From Bjorn Borg growing a beard before every Wimbledon to Maria Sharapova refusing to step on the lines of the court, tennis players have always been extremely superstitious. As the Wimbledon is underway, we take a look at some players and their set of quirks.

Roger Federer: If you think the 17-time Grand Slam winner is above superstitions, think again. Born on August 8, Federer considers eight his lucky number and is known to carry eight racquets to every match. He even carries eight water bottles, asks for eight towel rubs after every set and hits eight aces before starting a match.

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Editor Responds

Q : What is the difference between a social reformer and a political leader?

- Neyveli K. Thiyagarajan, Kumbakonam

Ans: A social reformer leads the society and  is not concerned about popularity or winning votes.  A reformer thinks of the next generation; but a political leader thinks of the next election! Political leaders always want to swim along the current,  take refuge under populism and hunt for popularity. Social reformers  at times are bound  to be unpopular.

Q : What would have been the status of Tamils if they had embraced Buddhism instead of having adopted Hinduism?

- P.Arulmozhi, Vanaiyambadi

Ans: There would not have been a major change in the status because the Buddhism of to-day has also become a ‘religion’ and a quantum of rituals. If the real and genuine ‘Buddhi marg ‘is adopted, there is a  tremendous scope for the growth of knowledge.

Q : Why there is no custom of women wearing sacred thread?

- P. Kayalvishi, Anandathandapuram

Ans: Are you really concerned of it? The traditional right of wearing ‘sacred thread’ is the prerogative of ‘twice-born’ ‘thwijas’. Women are the lowest of low slaves according to varuna dharma. Hence they are not privileged to wear it.

Q : Why did Dr. Ambedkar threw off his Law Ministership?

- N. Ambedkar Priyan, Thirukkadavoor

Ans: As Law Minister, he tabled a draft – bill, an amendment to the Hindu Law to provide a right to property to women. The conservative Rajendra Prasad, the then President of India totally opposed it. Pandit Nehru, the Prime Minister and a few congressmen had also stood helpless to support Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. Disgusted with this, animosity Dr. Ambedkar resigned his post. Generally those who resign the  Ministership will have the privilege of explaining in Parliament why they have resigned.  Even that opportunity was also not given to Dr. Ambedkar. He felt embittered on that occasion.

Q : Your firm opinion is that a civil procedural code has to be enacted without delay in favour of euthanasia or mercy-killing. Is it because of your belief that those who have empathy will consider the sufferings of incurably diseased persons as if that of their own?

Ans: Yes. Many persons have supportively written their letters to me about this.

Q : Why it is that Buddhism, though born in India is not so strong in India?

- S.Selvarajan, Manaloor

Ans: Because it was ‘swallowed’ by Brahmanism, the Buddhism has disappeared from India, the place of its birth.

Q : Your comment on the claims of R.S.S. that Bhagawat Gita be declared a Holy book of the Nation…

- K. Venthan, Chennai -16

Ans: It is obviously known that the present rulers have accelerated the tempo of R.S.S. cadres in this particular matter. Their aim is to adhore the Gita.

Q : Is it that an eighteen year old young fellow who was dumb until then began to speak after his prayer at Thirupathi?

- K. Mukudan, Thadampatti

Ans: This may be termed a foolish gossip in the name of ‘Govinda’. Do they have guts to make a dumb speak if we take him there? Is it a show of business rivalry against a similar Christian bluff?

Q : Buildings that are built after Bhoomipujas as per vatsu shastra fall down crumbling every now and then. Should not the vatsu experts and purohits of Bhoomipujas be prosecuted?

- Thigarajan, Karupoor

Ans: Legally and justifiably, severe criminal action must be taken against them; as much as the legal action taken in consumer courts against doctors when their treatment becomes poor and fallible.

Q : Will the Tamil Nadu fishermen become as much aggressive in the days to come as Somali fishermen who turned themselves into pirates?

- Saravana, Pappaiahpuram

Ans: It is but natural. Even if a cat is kept in a small room and beaten harsh, it would retaliate.