Imagine There’s No Heaven

The first known atheist has been Ajita Kesakambli in the 4th or 5th century BCE. Asked by a king to give his view on religion, Ajita said: “It is an empty lie, mere idle talk, when men say there is profit therein”.

He rejected the claim that some blessedly enlightened being has understood  both this world and the next.

-Mitchel Stephens

The God Argument

“Having intellectual courage to live with open-endedness and uncertainty, trusting to reason and experiment to gain us increments of understanding, having the integrity to base one’s view on rigorous and testable foundations, and being committed to changing one’s mind when shown to be wrong , are  the marks of honest minds.

Religon offers quick palliatives to our existential anxieties. Life is harsh, you’ll be happy in heaven; or, the gods know what they are doing even when things go grievously wrong; it’s all for good, piety will save you.”

- A C Grayling

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