Delusive trick declared Buddha as an incarnation of God

The tragic irony of Buddhism is that it was born in India but flourishing in South East Asian Countries. Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thai land are a few countries where it has been thriving. The state religion of Tibet is Buddhism but Tibet has been swallowed by China is a tragic story in Indian History. The Dalai Lama has been touring all over the world crying coarse for the autonomy of Tibet. His pitiful plaintive anthem falls on the deaf ears of Chinese imperialism. However, he is considered to be a legitimate spokesman of Buddhism.

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- Shafiqur Rahman

Poet Bharathidasan addresses the agitating Tamil population in the presence of Periyar EVR

Many people protested against the Hindi imposition by pouring gasoline over their body and burning  themselves to death. This was the biggest self-immolation in the 60s, surpassing even the ones in Vietnam

Anyone familiar with history and the rise of nationalism in the last three centuries would know that language rights have been forefront in many struggles of national self-determination in Europe and Asia.

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Historical Outlook and its Distortion

The word 'Hindu' is rarely seen in medieval vernacular bakthi literature as well. The general absence of the words 'Hindu' and 'Hindu dharma' in the pre-colonial Sanskrit texts and their limited connotation in the not – too – frequent occurrences in the bakthi literature of north India clearly indicate that Indians did not create a Hindu religious identity for themselves.

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