Children of our homes get long holidays as students. During these holidays, there is some respite for their backs that were bent by huge burden of books. They are subjected to constant fear of exams and syllabus throughout the year. They are pressured into the fever of cut throat competition in their studies.

They face the ordeal of exams after all such burdens. Therefore, the parents and others at home must create enough of opportunities for the children to have sufficient holidays as a change. Unfortunately, these days the schools crowd their holidays with all kinds of syllabus revisions and other training programmes conducting classes with various excuses. Such activities will surely and adversely affect them psychologically. When you compel them to do things they do not like.

They tend to hate those, creating negative responses. In a few cases the children would indulge in punitive measures to the parents. I have witnessed myself, some children brought up in too much of a hardcore discipline, getting into devious ways of life. Today there are facilities for children to continue one after another, after school. As parents who happen to be officers, think that the children of others should not in any way excel their own children in education.

In this process they stuff their children’s minds with too much of stuff far beyond the capacity of their minds. I know some cases where the children facing the danger for their lives because of cerebral hemorrhage. In countries like United States of America, the children are not admitted in schools before certain age.

In our own country they insist on the children to have completed five years of age for admission in Elementary schools. If the parents provide a falsely raised age, the teachers in the school test the age of the student by asking him / her to touch the head with their right hand and ascertain their age.

Strangely today there are efforts and  researches whether the children can be taught while they still are in the womb of their mothers ! When we recommend holidays for children, we do not mean to make them lazy. Tours or picnics may be organised for them depending on one’s budget. Finding out their interests, they may be taken to libraries, exhibitions, zoos and book stalls in order to refresh their minds. They may be sent to schools or colleges after this.

When they go on tours, they may be allowed to take along with them the puzzles, play materials and the story books they like. We should offer them the freedom to choose their dress or the places they want to watch. If the parents explain to their children, the details about the hills,cities, plantations, and rocks which they see on the way it would be surely a very good education.

We may also each them about the mile stones, the road signals, rules of the road, the history of vehicles and the road safety methods. We may encourage them to write letters to their friends about their experiences. Such constructive measures should surely be a clever move on the part of the parents.

- Translated by : Prof. S.F.N.Chelliah

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