Q : The increase in the practice of the donation of human organs ?
-M.Haridas , Podhakudi

A : This clearly indicates the development of  humanism and rationalist attitude and helps to eradicate caste superstition.  

Q : Attack on the Tamils of  Ezham that day ; today on the Muslims.  Will not the countries like China and Russia  at least now realize that Rajapakse  is a Fascist?
– G. Bilavendran, Rasipuram

A :  How long can they hoodwink the public?  truth always trimphs!

Q : What you think about the Buddhist Monk who supported the Muslims being circumcised and thrown on to the street in Sri Lanka?
– V. Karthi, Poondi

A : “Anartham (Violence) Saranam Kachami, Ratham (blood bath) Saranam Kachami…!” are the words fit to be inscribed under the statue of Buddha. They would pour blood on the statue of Buddha! Sorry state!

Q : There is reservation even in the game of Cricket in South Africa?
- John Baskar, Viralimalai

A : The flag of social justice  flies upside down there; yet to be known to us!

Q : What are the reasons for allowing foreign investment  even in countries like China and  Russia which support Communism?  
- V.M.Thiruvasakan, Chennai

A : This is the inevitable consequence of the compromise made by the revolutionary leaders too!  

Q : Why don’t the governments pay much attention to the use and research on the plentiful herbal plants ?
-  C Dhasarathan, Vignapuram

A : It is to be much regretted.   Export and foreign  exchange earnings can be very much improved with this.  Even the Pharmaceutical colleges can  well conduct research and earn lucrative income.

Q : Do the temples need  properties-lands and  jewelleries?
-Pathi Velavan,  Pallipattu

A : This is an unanswerable intelligent question from the sensible people!

Q : Do you expect that the B J P Government at the Centre  will initiate genuine steps to unearth and bring back the black money hidden in the foreign banks ?
- Kavudivel, Aavur

A : How long will they play this ‘drama’?  Is it not enough to effectively hunt and unearth black money  within the country? Let them do this first.

Q : The media world makes such a loud noise of the growth in the share market in India. Does it mean that the Indian economy is progressing?  
-P Chinthan,  Tambaram

A : It can truly mean that the capitalists and  the black marketers are benefitting by it.  It is a strange scene of plenty of huts around a palace !

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