Dr. Ulrike Niklas( President), Mr. Sven Owrtmann ( Vice President) and Ms. Coudia Weber (Secretary) of Periyar International, Germany Chapter were felicitated. – Cologne (Germany ), 6th June 2014

Periyar International was incorporated in Chicago, United States of America, on 13th November 1994. Periyar International has been serving with missionary zeal in propagating the philosophy of Periyar internationally. It honours the stalwarts who strive for the cause of Social Justice with ‘K.Veeramani’s Award for Social Justice’   with the Cash Award of Indian Rs.1 lakh.  The Chapters of Periyar International are functioning in England, France, Myanmar, Singapore, Dubai and Kuwait.

During the visit of Dr.K.Veeramani to Germany, Periyar International, Germany Chapter was inaugurated on 6th June 2014 at Cologne City. Prof.Dr.Ulrike  Niklas assumed as President, Mr.Sven Owrtmann as Vice President and Ms. Claudia Weber as Secretary of Periyar International, Germany Chapter. Dr.K.Veeramani, Patron of Periyar International felicitated them.


Dr.K.Veeramani with the Tamil Families –  Mr. M.K.Janakiraman (President) Mr.Basheer Mohammed (Secretary) of Muscat Tamil Sangam, Messers. N.Aravindan, V.Venkatesh. Karthick Hari babu, Dr.Shanmugam Balaji, M.F.Kamil Dhaheer Kani and others. – Muscat (Oman), 7th June 2014

While returning from Germany, Dr.K.Veeramani arrived at Muscat, Capital of Oman on 7th June. He was received with  love and affection by the Tamil fraternity of Oman. An English book, ‘Oman’ written by Mr.N.Aravindan and a Tamil book of poems, ’Palai Pookal’, meaning ‘Flowers of Desert’ recited by Mr Basheer Mohammed, Secretary, Muscat Tamil Sangam were presented to the disciple of Periyar.

The Tamil Families dwelling in Muscat met Dr.Dr.K.Veeramani and interacted with him. Dr.K.Veeramani briefed them Periyar’s Ideals through a power point presentation. Dr.K.Veeramani praised the Muscat Tamil Population for their social activities identified with Periyar’s ideals.

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