The term ‘El Nino’ is widely discussed   in print as well as in broadcast / telecast media in recent times. Though the phenomenon of  ‘El Nino’ had occurred earlier on many occasions in the world, ‘El Nino 2014’  has become popular due to the advanced development in the field of  science and information technologies and  also the anxiety of the people to know ‘ What is What? ’ Such awareness must not stop with mere acquiring of knowledge and information.

 The people have to involve themselves both individually and collectively to challenge the consequences of El Nino, likely to bring. Not only that the people have to oppose the orthodox deeds which keep the masses in passive postures,  all of them have to be educated  as to  how to tackle the challenges and to  find out the alternatives, despite the fact that  the meteorological phenomenon cannot be wiped out completely.

The term‘El Nino’ hails from Spanish origin meaning ‘little boy’. Let us not delve into the etymology of the term. El Nino is a band of warm ocean water temperatures that periodically develop in the Pacific Coast of South America. Extreme climate change and  pattern oscillations influence weather across the Pacific Ocean. It results in fluctuating droughts, floods and crop yields in different regions of the world.

Mechanisms that cause the oscillations remain under study in the line of sprit of inquiry which is an  integral part  of the  rational faculty of humans. Developing countries dependant on agriculture and fishing, particularly those bordering the Pacific Ocean are the most affected. The impact of it is likely to be experienced in India, especially the South with coastal border to significant extent. El Nino effects were already experienced during the past. Now it is the occurrence of its effect in the year 2014. The effects have already commenced with the extremities in the concluded winter and the current summer.
Global warming seems to be one of the causes of El Nino effect. Mission against global warming is already in vogue, encouraged and implemented by governmental agencies and voluntary organisations. Self discipline by every individual towards the cause is a must. If individuals restrict the features and practices that facilitate global warming by changing their life styles to the possible extent, the effect against the warming would be enormous.

 Agricultural scientists in India have assessed that despite El Nino effect, the agricultural production of the country would be at its increase. Thanks to the scientific advancement in agro- tech and the toiling peasantry with positivity.

The judicial use of natural resources will sustain the survival of mankind in this planet, Earth. The natural resources must be made available to the next and subsequent generations. Unscrupulous use of resource because its  availability in plenty, must be avoided. To discipline the citizens  towards the cause, ‘Citizen-Eco Code’ may be designed  and appealed for its adoption.

Challenges used to erupt due to climate change. It is  through the rational faculty of human, it has to be tackled Instead of that,  remaining reluctant to face the challenges of climate change and passive placement of  prayers to the so called ‘almighty’ will not serve any purpose. The priestly classes are performing poojas and conducting rituals to invoke the grace of rain god.

This religious atrocities take place  with the approval of the State authority which governs the temple administration. The State has to act as per the provisions of the Indian Constitution which emphasise the spirit of inquiry and scientific temper. When the citizens are expected to be duty bound constitutionally, can  the State  act contrary to it by way of issuing circulars to temple administrators to conduct ‘varuna poojas’ ? In Tamil Nadu, the State Department of Hindu Religious and Charity Endowment   has issued circular like this.

The circulars must be withdrawn with immediate effect. The State must act as a role model to its citizens to act as per the provisions of Indian Constitution. The State must lead the citizens constitutionally.

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