The demise of  Malladi Subbamma is a great loss to the humanist movement. She fought for the cause of liberating women from social clutches during her entire life period. She devoted herself for the humanistic cause till her last breathe (16th May 2014) at 90 years.

She along with her husband M.V.Ramamurthy travelled widely in India and abroad and propagated humanism. She  conducted several secular weddings, devoid of  religious priests and rituals. As head of the Institute for the Advancement of Women, she organised and conducted many study camps to enlighten the human – sect who represent  the half the humankind.

She had published a Telugu monthly magazine, viz. ‘Stree Swetcha’, meaning, ‘Freedom for Women’. She was a writer both in Telugu and English and documented the books : Hinduism and Women, Women Movement and Associations (1860 – 1993) etc.

We had lot many opportunities to meet her and shared many platforms along with her  to propagate, Women Liberation.

Periyar Movement has lost a  valiant humanist – fighter in the journey of fighting for the cause of humanism. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved  son and daughter, other family members and the fraternity.

Red Salute to Malladi Subamma !

- K.Veeramani
Dravidar Kazhagam

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