Q : As regards the statement of Rajapakse that he would  not be amenable to the UNO’s enquiry of the war-crimes of Sri Lanka.
- K. Tamizhazhakan, Tittacheri

Ans : Countries such as U.S should try to enforce economic sanctions wherever the racial genocide is committed. The Lilliputian Sri Lanka should be made to realise by the UNO and other countries that it cannot survive merely with the help of China and Pakistan.

Q : Should all proverbs be neglected just because they belong to the old and bygone ages?
- M. Uthirapathi, Kulikkarai.

Ans : Those that are relevant and useful need not be opposed. Thanthai Periyar was a rationalist. He was customarily looking at everything with an eye on usefulness and relevance. Let this point be for our guidance.

Q : Please comment on an official circular of the H.R &C.E that the special prayer such as ‘Yagnam’ be conducted for showers and rains.
- D. Raja, Thanjavur.

Ans : Is it the official duty of the H.R. &C.E. Should this absurdity be the official conduct of the employees of a secular government?

Q : Even though there are economic geniuses and stalwarts, in our country how does the escalation of prices go uncontrollably?
- P. Thanikkodi, Coimbatore- 2.

Ans : What stands in the way is the inane, impractical and dry policies of the geniuses. How can they implement the impractical policies? Lay man’s day to day problems, sufferings and heavy odds may not be understandable to the experts.

Q : Indian Constitution does things as if it is an identical copy of Manu smiriti. How should we change this anomaly?
- Neyveli Thiagarajan

Ans: Ever-living and uninterrupted awareness and alertness is the only way to change it.

Q : If somebody says, All glory goes to Almighty, to whom does all degradation go?
- Chinna Vengayam, Madras-78.

Ans : This question has to be answered by the ‘Believers’. They may also say that hero-worship is curbed in that statement.

Q : I strongly believe that a time has come to disseminate and propagandise rationalistic thoughts to inspire the present generation as much as we did in full swing in the initial days of our campaign. What do you say of this?
- A. Kirubanantham, Aralvaymozhi.

Ans : We accept cent percent of what you say. If only we propagandise rationalism to the present generation by properly reminding of the horrors of the olden era, the oncoming generation could be rescued from an undesirable cultural conquest.

Q : Is it legally proper to inform the press-men in a public function about the verdict on a highly important case by the very judge who is to deliver the judgment later?
- R. Divya, Pandalgudi.

Ans : Generally judges should not be enamoured of cheap publicity in press-meet and interviews as much as politicians and bigwigs in public life. The dignity and honour of the designation will go down. Moreover, it is not proper to declare the proceedings and judicial announcements in public.

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