All means of identity must subordinate themselves to modern, democratic, secular values.

– Irfan Habib,  Professor Emeritus of Historical Research

As pilgrims to Mecca rose, the Saudis pulled down mosques to widen roads for pilgrims – this was seen as pleasing God. The modern India is committed to stagnation in the name of saving temples.

- Jaithirth Rao, Mumbai based entrepreneur

The community is only harming itself by subscribing to the narrative that secularism is a conspiracy directed at ‘ patriotic’ Hindu nationalists and ‘ gullible’ Muslims.

- Hasan Suroor, Writer

32.7 per cent of Indians live below the international poverty line of less than $1.25 per day. Poverty and India’s caste system are significant contributing factors to the modern slavery problem.

- World Bank Report 2012

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