Saviour of Social Justice Arjun Singh Library at Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

The Periyar Maniammai University  at  Vallam in the outskirts of Thanjavur city is of two and a half decades old including its duration of  two decades as a college and presently as Deemed to be University since 2007.

Its spacious library with about 75,000 books in all and about 200 journals  serve a clientele of students of about four thousand drawn from engineering disciplines and also from Arts, Science and Social Sciences. The entire campus is on an elevated ground with green meadows and tree lined boulevards. Students from all over India undergo their studies here.

In commemorating the gracious name of Arjun Singh, the University Library with its three storeyed building is named after him. Until his last breath, he was a Champion of Backward Classes with equal concern for Scheduled Castes and Tribes.

Mention may be made of his remarkable services as a Minister of Human Resource for having initiated a few Management Institutes and an exclusive University for Scheduled Tribes in Madya Pradesh.  One more admirable virtue of Arjun Singh was that as a politician, he never wavered in his sincerity towards Congress.

Crossing the floor and bargaining for power and pelf were totally alien to his temperament. Very daringly he served in Punjab as Governor when Akali terrorism was rampant. His autobiography posthumously published in 2013 is objectively reviewed in the columns of this current issue separately. Let his  hallowed memory be cherished and  sure it is  that he will be remembered as a champion of poor and downtrodden.

- Dr. Palani Arangasamy

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