The Catholic Church today remains the most demonstrative example of how to practise the Culture of Silence when it comes to embarrassing issues like unending child abuse by her clergy, insubordination and  luxurious life styles of  the church authorities.

Knowing fully well and  preaching morality in high pitched  voices, while their real life is filled with uxorious indulgences. The Vatican is still looking for admissible venues to incorporate sex education to teenagers and to find alternatives to abortion and divorce.

The present Pope Fancis is bearing the heavy load of expectations from his ‘flocks’ to find workable programmes though not solutions for the accumulating problems. He seems to be left with only the prayer to help him at this juncture, “Father ,  forgive them, they know not what they are doing” .


In a case pending with the Madras Highcourt, an order has been given to Rev. Martin, a bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Trichy that he must convene the General Body Meeting of the Church with the Administrator, an High-Court appointee and other members of the church. This High Court order of a single Judge, the Bishop disobeyed and convened the meeting on April 26 and 27 at Trichy in a self-styled manner.

One E.D. Charles initiated contempt proceedings against the Bishop and the Madras High Court pulled up the Bishop for having consciously violated the order of the court. Instead of punishing the bishop or sentencing him to jail, the judge solemnly observed that he should seek pardon from the source in whose jurisdiction he has some faith. This is of course a punishment more to the conscience than to the person concerned, if only he has a conscience.

But the division bench comprising of two judges maintained that his behaviour is a clear case of contempt that deserves punishment. He should not have disobeyed the order of the court. But what is relevant for commoners is that if holy persons of the church behave in unholy manner, do they have a moral right to guide the flock of sheep meant to follow them and do they deserve to be called as holy pastors?

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