Denial of permission to what is called ‘Cultural Programmes’ in temples is not only justifiable but appreciable as well. In a place where solemn prayers, chanting of mantras and if possible meditation are customarily permissible for those who believe in God and go to the temples for worshipping.

Such being the case, what is the need for erotic dances and double entrendre expressions and that too nocturnally? Even the innocuous court order of 2010 to permit these obscene, uncouth and ugly performances under the garb of ‘cultural show’ should not have been given. Despite that, a dismissal of writ petitions on Feb 28, 2014 declining the request of vested interests to enact, in fact the uncultural shows is quite laudable.

As a response to the agreement of the organisers that they would abide by the conditions, what the Hon’ble Justice Ramasubramanian said is a million dollar statement – ‘the writ petitioner’s promise of submitting to the rules will be as cosmetic as the make-up provided to the artists who are engaged to perform’.

A Chennai hotelier’s plea for a regular cultural show has also been turned down by the Hon’ble  Justice. He upheld the denial of permission by the City Police Commissioner and said that the police have acted well within their jurisdiction. Their preventive measures are in fact a social obligation, the Justice has added. No less is our appreciation to the additional government pleader P.Sanjay Gandhi who initiated against the vested interest of a private hotelier.

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