REPEAT THE RESULTS IN THE LINE OF 2004 Solidify Seculars to Supplant Saffron Outfits

- Dr. K. Veeramani

There is a great urgency created today to seriously consider the importance of electing the right persons for the ruling of the nation.  Unlike in the previous times, today  the hoodwinking technique is used  out of all proportions creating  an unreasonable and  totally a false Utopian nation with promises which have been the very opposite of what they have been professing all these years.

Caution against such a powerful  propaganda,  making false and impossible promises is the most urgent need today.  Messages and promises are made today covertly hidden in implicit   suggestions. One is confused whether some candidates are contesting to promote the state interests or their personal national leadership aspirations.

Secret calculations and political agenda are very much in the air to make post-election comraderie throwing to the wind all the political assurances given in such profusion during  and  before the elections. The voters will be in this way  betrayed  completely and with the usual  generosity  of their short memory, this political gambling will continue. This has been the repeated pattern of our pre and  post  election  scenario.  

We are very much concerned about the loud cries of falsehood deafening our ears and distorting truths. The saffron front has this time taken up internet  media  to flood it with innumerable  and repeated propaganda  strategies. They are creating an  illusion  that  Modi has already become the Prime Minister of India. 

They have let loose all the false episodes of various  shades to make every one believe  that it is a foregone conclusion  that the B.J.P. has snatched the power to rule the nation. Under these conditions it becomes our primary duty to bring to the fore  the implications of such an  eventuality.

In  2004, all the forty Parliamentary seats from Tamil Nadu were won by the D.M.K. combine. Mr. Advani himself later admitted that their Tea Party was  spoiled by this landslide victory of the Social Justice promoters of Tamil Nadu along with the Congress,the Communists and the Muslim League. 

Such a congenial atmosphere in the Parliament paved the way for the implementation of  many important  and socially relevant projects  like  the Project of Sethu Samudram.  In the national political affairs, the social justice principles of  the Dravidian ideology were given due merit and consideration. 

But the disintegration of such unified efforts  due to  the political  developments proved  too costly much to the detriment of the social and political  causes of Tamil Nadu and the nation. Most of the projects started to  promote progress to the nation  were  dumped  by backward forces.

Most vociferous claims are made with regard to the ‘mind boggling progress of Gujarat ‘ under Narendra Modi. Time and again all these claims have been challenged and disproved. But intelligently shrouding this discomfiture,  those who propagated such political achievements, consciously blacked out the dark realities of  Modi’s  blood stained horror regime massacring millions of innocent Muslim women, children and old persons.

Great thinkers and writers  of  India have  very emphatically pointed out the obvious contradictions in the claims made by  Modi  and his followers regarding the progress achieved  in Gujarat  by his government. Several statistical proofs have been  cited to counter and disprove  the tall claims to be a mere  false propaganda.

But the most important point to be noted is the latent  hatred  of the Hindutva fanatics towards the religious minorities.  Modi  is not a single individual or a lonely  ideologist  in his political agenda. . He is the true and  faithful militant of the totality of  the Hindutva forces and the neo-facist groups  in India like the Sangh Parivar, the R.S.S.,Vishwa Hidu Parishad,the Bajrang Dal etc.

The report of the Minorities   Commission has  substantiated  with the photographic evidences, the destroyed churches, dargahs, Muslim homes, and shops under the regime of  Modi. Kushwant Singh  in his  ‘The End of India’  has very graphically portrayed the wretched conditions of the hapless Muslim men, women and children during the religious carnage well planned and most inhumanly executed atrocities.

The military forces arrived but they were halted from doing any  defence duties. The anti social elements were let loose on   the Muslims, looting their homes and properties, outraging the modesty of  their women and killing them in the streets right in front of the Police forces. Kushwant Singh points out  another vandalism by these fanatics. 

Ahmedabad  was built by a Muslim ruler, named Ahamed, in the Middle ages  but with the State sponsored attempt to wipe out remnants of Muslim presence, the milestones now  bear  the name as Amdavad !  He  concludes  the chapter on ‘The Case of Gujarat’ with a very pertinent warning and a prophetic vision.

He says, “In Gujarat the Sangh wallas have  terrorised and alienated  the state’s ten percent Muslim  population……… Meanwhile with a triumphant  Modi as their mentor, they will repeat the  Gujarat experiment all over India, unless  we stop them.” This is a timely warning and a meaningful caution for all the objective and patriotic  citizens  of India.

These facts must open our eyes  to the stark realities  in the  current   political  developments of our nation. Apart from political leanings and apathies, likes and dislikes, we are all called upon to weigh the pros and cons of the consequence of electing those who feign national welfare but who  possess secret agenda of hatred and bias which will rule all of us for another five years.

It is therefore the primary duty of all those who want to build and strengthen the nation with secular interests are called  upon  to exercise this most crucial responsibilities at a time when the very basis of the democratic structure is jeopardised.  Let us now prioritise our dutiful  responses to the existing situation.

£    Take utmost caution against the  divisive  forces  snatching  the power at the Centre. Let us now recall the warning made by Dr.Ambedkar in this regard that if India falls again, it will be only because of the inside betrayers.

£    Danger is not anything  more  threatening  than that which  emanates  from the  religious fanaticism as they would be ready to split the nation for their ends .  We have witnessed this painful demonstration  in several of their anti-minorities atrocities like their handiwork in  the Babri Masjid.

£    More care, caution and interest should be taken as to who should not rule the nation than  who should, as  a nationwide campaign in this regard  will be a dire necessity to save the nation. These ideas should be taken to the last of the voter in India considering  its  significance.

We conclude with the request to all the  objective thinkers and the well wishers of THE CONTINUANCE OF DEMORATIC AND SECULAR  IDEOLOGIES  in India to vote out the divisive forces and to elect those who would  save democratic  traditions.


We deeply regret the demise of Khuswant Singh, a veteran English journalist at Delhi on the forenoon of the 20th March 2014 in his 99th year of age. Also known as a reputed novelist and short –story writer. After taking over the editorship of Illustrated Weekly, he raised its circulation to about four lakhs from a few thousands.

His reputed classic novel Train to Pakistan (1956) portrays the Indo Pak partition and its tragic aftermath. Known for his lively humour both in conversations and contributions, he never stopped his writing until 2013. Roughly about six decades, he glorified himself as a prolific writer. His autobiography is eminently readable and lively. He was bold enough to declare himself as an agnostic.

His portrayal of Gujarat Post – godhra riots of 2002 is highly informative. Bold and assertive he was in outrightly  condemning the sectarian outfits  such as R.S.S and Hindu Mahasabha. This satirical writer is well known for his wit and  sarcasm. Bold enough he was in professing his trenchant secular outlook. The Modern Rationalist deeply condole the demise of such an outstanding journalist, thinker and great writer.

- K.Veeramani, President, Dravidar Kazhagam,
Editor-in-Chief, The Modern Rationalist

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