Question : In treading the path of Periyar’s policies, will there be economic dividends?
- M. Hussain, Sirkazhi

Answer : Certainly.
(a)    Expenditure within the levels of income. Self respectful and comfortable life we can lead without borrowing money from anybody.
(b)    Simplicity. This will lead to the habit of savings, ensuring of happiness and success at any stage of your life.
(c)    Thriftiness will ensure an essential and resourceful life after driving away an expensive luxury.
    Is there anything more that is needed in temporal life?

Question : What about frequent news items about the hubbub and noise of the Hindu religionists in the USA against the imprinting of Hindu Gods in chappals and inner-wears?
- K. Perundevi, Chennai

Answer : May be the Americans attempt to relax themselves by using these strange images! It’s good and we thank that they haven’t observed the ‘lingams’ so far.

Question: Is childlessness or barrenness a big problem?  A lot of uneasiness and dissatisfaction prevails in many families because of this.
- S. Asokamani, Tiruttani

Answer : Main reason is the lack of balanced mind – set.
There are many who give birth in plenty. Enough if one child from them is chosen to adopt. There are many who take puppies and kittens as pets. Should they not do so by adopting the child of others?

Question : In the current 16th Lok Sabha Election, who should come up victoriously and who shouldn’t?
- V.Manonmani, Nellai

Answer : Genuine secularists, votaries of social justice, believers in equality, enemies of communalism and those who did not play double – game in Sri Lankan crisis should come out successfully. Response to a query that who should not come is inclusive in the reply itself.

Question: When every community is claiming reservation, why not we, the atheists claim for it?
- S.Nallaperumal, Vadaseri

Answer : Atheists have already been singled out and hence, there is no need for a separate reservation for them.

Question : What do you say of the Central Minister Mr. Sharad Pawar’s statement that food materials worth of Rs. 44 thousand crores getting perished annually (vegetables and fruits alone worth Rs. 13,309 crore are reportedly spoiled).
- Kalaimani, Chennai-18

Answer : Over and above these, if you calculate the spoiling of milk, fruits and vegetables in the name of ‘abishekam’ to the stony icons and including those that are similarly wasted in the Big Temple at Thanjavur, the total loss would be staggering. These must be decreed as cognizable offences.

Question : If a vehicle gets dashed against a pig, the animal is cursed and the vehicle is termed ‘unfortunate’ and even sold off. Is the pig so detestable and a condemned animal?
- T. Ramanan, T. Pettai, Chennai-18

Answer : Sir, Why do you ask like this? Pig is known as Varaha Avatar! Don’t you know that Sri Maha Vishnu himself has transmigrated into a Pig! If that is so, how could it be an ill-omen? Let the maha devotees be aware of this ‘Holy Truth’.

Question : Comment on the condition of teachers who serve simply for salary, devoid of a commitment of guiding the students to a scientific temper.
- Bawa. Vetriselvan, Keelveloor

Answer : Extremely agonising trend it is! Such a trade union tendency in academic institutions is absolutely undesirable.

Question: What are the differences between Hindu religion and Sikhism? Is there anything good and beneveolent in Sikh religion?
- K. Chandran – E-mail Question

Answer : Sikhism got itself orginated against casteism, Varnashramam and idolisation. Details are available in its holy treatise – Grantha Sahib. In such an outfit, the concenpt of caste has gained entry and enjoy an evil dominance.

Question : Is it that the conceptual differences among individual persons that prove to be the main reason for either continuation or condemnation of capital punishment at global level?

Answer : If reforming the offenders were the concept of humanism and rightful punishment, the capital punishment should be abolished all over the world. Mindful of individual likes and dislikes in this context is certainly a shabby affair.

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