The inscriptions on the platform of the PERIYAR MEMORIAL

These inscriptions made into stone edicts installed at Periyar  Memorial, Chennai are  meant to proclaim to the world  for ever, his  ideals and principles.These edicts  sum up  Periyar’s mission and vision. For the benefit of those who have not seen them, we are  providing  the texts  one by one along with our crisp comments.                                                 – Editor


“The temples are not built for gods. They are built to ensure the livelihood of the Brahmins and to humiliate and exploit the common people.”                                                   – Periyar

Take for example  the  income of the Sabarimala temple  this season. It is a breath taking Rs. 182 crores  ! Whose money is this ?  It is common knowledge that  most of the  Sabarimala pilgrims are either middle class or lower middle class  people.  Who are  the actual beneficiaries of such  huge funds ? The  high priest is paid in lakhs  every month  besides  very affluent  luxuries of living conditions.

Hundreds of hapless pilgrims  meet with death every year travelling  in unsafe roads and perilous paths with no basic facilities available any where around.  The Kerala Government ,which ever the  party that rules, considers Sabarimala  as the duck that lays gold eggs and cares a hoot  for the safety or welfare of the pilgrims. This is a striking example in our own days  of what Periyar has been  saying with so much of emphasis.


“The epics Ramayanam and Mahabharatam are meant to enslave the Dravidians in theAryan  net and make them live for ever without  honour  and rational thought.”                            – Periyar

“ Let us ask a few basic questions ourselves. Who wrote these books ? What are their aims in writing these books ? First of all these books  do not contain any thing logically scientifically or historically accurate. They seem to be the work  of some fictitious  fancies with a clear design of protecting and promoting  point blank selfish motives of a few vested interests.

The authors of these  mythologies lack  the most basic sense of  truths. They are  savages  of the pre historic culture  with out a tinge of  civilization. But they were extremely dexterous  about  creating a myth that kept them at the top of the social ladder  keeping every body else  below them  to serve and adore them.

All the spirituality and the religious rituals were so intelligently  designed to  keep the others in  eternal bondage and submission. The literary and philosophical nuances that the scholars now propound are nothing but the contemporary versions of the same hoodwinking tricks.

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