So far we don’t have  our governments. All the kings from the ancient times are slaves to the Brahmins. The Kings Chera, Chozha and Pandyans all considered it a great fortune if the Brahmins came to them.


Only for the last 100 years these conditions are changing. Even at the time when I was born and when I was a small boy, women considered it great fortune if they were seen by the Brahmins. You may not know it now. I am talking of those days. If holding cowdung in hand is considered a punniya (divine grace) would he not consider being seen by a Brahmin a punniya?

125 crores of atheists

How much change has come into the world today! If there are 450 or 400 crores of persons in the world today, about 125 crores of them are atheists. 35 crores of people in Russia denied god and destroyed the churches there, burnt down the bibles, and killed the pastors. The Russians are not poor today, but they are rich. In China, of the 85 crores of people  75 crores do not believe in god, who are Buddhists. 

Of the 10 crores in Japan, 8 crores don’t believe in god. In Burmah, of the 3 crores of total population, 2 crores don’t believe in god. They are all Buddhists. In Siam, 75% of them do not believe in god. All of them are atheists who have confirmed that there is no god.

Rationalists’ Forums throughout the world

Do you know how many Rationalists’ Forums are there in Europe? In Germany, Spain, London and Greece, in every country. This is a civilization for over 50 or 60 years. They all exist in the names of Rationalists’ Forum, Researchers’ Forum, Forum for Truth seeker, Forum of Free thinkers, in quite open names of Atheists’ Forum and Liberalization Forums etc. In every city, there is a forum of this kind.

In every country it spreads to lakhs and lakhs of people. I have visited all these places. I descended on an atheist forum in France. They have put up a paper in the middle of which there is a cross. One man is shown cutting it, holding one of its legs.

It is a toy. The world has awakened. God is becoming dead everywhere. Muslims don’t bluff too much, which is useful to them. They are forceful and particular about the unity among themselves. This was necessary in other countries.

Feasts and pleasures

In our country a lot of temples are patronised. Five temples within a mile. Every village has a temple. There are about 30 or 100 gods. Thrice or five times poojas are conducted everyday. Thrice or four times festivals annually. The boys all rush their expecting young girls to turn up. The young girls also rush there as young boys come there.

These two meet, but the marriage is for the gods. If was still worse. 100 whores used to frequent the temples. The whore in each village will visit the festivals of all the other villages. Now this practice is gone. Now we don’t allow our women to go out, but allow them liberally to the temples. Men allow women only to the temples where they can see and meet people.

This has created a chance for both of them. There are big crowds coming to the temple. They do everything to gather big crowds. Why so much of luxury to gods? Why so much of fun and festivities? We are obliged to change all these things. How to change? We can change only if we have senses. How can we change without senses? They may ask me why I attack gods. Friends, the human society should change. The world is getting changed, waiting for no one. We cannot say where it will all end up.

The state of education

We are the most backward in education. In our own times, just 200 years back only 5 out of 100 were educated. 2000 years back, not even one in a 100 was educated. Only the Brahmins might have been literates. He was also not educated. He heard lessons and learned them by rote memory but did not know to read or write. I can quote an instance.

The state of Sanskrit language

They make so much fuss about Sanskrit but it  still doesn’t have specific scripts. It was not of words, but was only in winds, only sounds. They kept changing it day by day.

The growth of population

Only 5 years more of life span. The year in which Christ was born, the world population was 20 crores. In 1460 A.D. it was 47 crores. It means, the population was doubled in the span of 1500 years. In 1800, in another 340 years the population was 74 crores. The people have progressed a little, owing to some medical facilities and treatment.

In 1914, the 74 crore of population increased to 165 crores, doubled in 100 years. In 1955, it became 360 crores almost double in 50 years.  In 1970 it became 400 crores. There have been quick progress in the last 100 years. In 1961, our country’s population has increased by 20 per ent.

In Tamil Nadu it has grown to five crores from four crores. 25 per cent of grown in 10 years, is the calculation. If the present rate of growth had been the same, the world population today must have been 2000 crores. We now progress, postponing death.

The development of medicine and the growth of the population

Man died those days at an average of 5 years. Today the average life span is 45 or 46. In Europe in the countries of the whitemen, the average age is 65 or 70. Women live for 65 years there. After thirty years, we may  perhaps reach 75 years of average age. The whitemen will live for 100 years on an average. If some people live up to 150, only then the average age will be 100.

There may be many who die at 50. In another 100 years, people may live for 200 or 300 years! What is the reason? We are aware of the remedies so much for all of them. In those days, the whole village population might be wiped out at the outset of cholera, and become pauper. Today about six are reported dead due to cholera in a city of 25 lakh population. This was not the case 50 years back. As far as  I know, it may be 75 years back. 

Our friend from Thathampatti, Mr.Kuppusamy is here. That is the native village of my mother. In that village, about 50 households were wiped out because of cholera in a year. No one survived it. The village that was erased at that time has still not come back. There are only two or three houses.

If there was cholera in Salem, about 2000 would perish in a year. When I was the chairman of Erode municipality, 400 persons died in a year. Today not even eight die because of  the quick remedies we have found out today. They dug new rances. The water was distilled. They invented new medicines.

They give injections. Nowadays no one dies of cholera. With injections twice or thrice, it is cured even without the service of the doctors, if brought to hospital. In those days if the cholera attacked a person he had to die. Now we escape it. We had to die if diarrhoea attacked us. But medicines to cure cancer have not yet been invented.

All the other diseases are cured. You could have heard last week, that a boy went to Australia spent just Rs.800, and returned completely cured of his kidney failure, which had hitherto been fatal. Both his kidneys were affected in the beginning of this year. He called two healthy persons and asked them to donate one kidney each to him.

The kidneys were removed one from each, and he made payment for them. They transplanted these two healthy kidneys into him. Now he has started walking. In the same way they transplant heart. They plant even plastic heart. I just can’t believe. But we hear such news coming from the Western countries.

I say this because, such wonders are being invented continuously. I prophesy that by 2030, you all will live upto 100. You can live up to 150. They keep using their sense and reason and everything is changing.

He who beat the god with chappal is 92 years old

How do I live up to 92?  I keep my body in good health. Some one suggested that I should rest and I got angry. Rest is needed only to the audacious and the rich. Only he who puts up an appearance of an important person needs rest. Why do I need rest? It is sickness to do nothing. I am not a healthy person and eat whatever that comes my way. I travel by train the whole night. How do I live for 92 years? I am going to be 93. If it viewed with superstition, I should have died long ago. Will anyone who beat the god with chappal survive? Would he have not lost his eyes? Would he not get sick? Would he not suffer from leprosy? No harm affected me, because there are so many remedies.

Doctor and I

I have recently been operated upon for kidney problem, and I cannot stop urinating. I was not aware of the operation  performed on me. The doctor asked me if I could be operated. I told him he could do it if he had the courage. He said he was confident so I said yes. I was lying on my own. I was not aware that I was operated during my sleep. After 2.5 hours I was laid in  bed.

I came back to consciousness after 1.5 hours. I did not know these matters. On regaining consciousness, I was thinking  that I had been sleeping till then. I asked them what happened to the operation mentioned earlier. They said it was all over. I thought I was operated upon, in the place where I was lying now. Only on the second day I came to know that I was carried to the operation theatre and was operated there.

It is so painless as the bite of an ant, with medicine they call anesthesia when injected. They have improved so much of sophistication. Such medical facilities keep coming newly, mainly because of man’s scientific research. We are still resorting to the stones of gods, conducting marriage for them, sending them to their concubine’s houses and pulling them kept on cars. If we are holding on to such foolish acts, how can we progress?

The Thiruvarur Car

Look at this atrocity. They seem to have driven a car (in a deity) in Thiruvarur three months back. It weights 50 tonnes and was repaired at an expense of Rs.6 lakhs. 5000 persons were required to draw it. Each was paid Rs. 2. Our government also has supported it. How foolish we still remain? Will there be a solution?

The things that man has to destroy

Therefore my dear friends, we also have to become human.  God and religion should be wiped out. The sastras and traditions should be torn to pieces and thrown into the dustbin. We should believe that there is no one above man and there is no power beyond human power in the world. We may become mature only if these beliefs are realized. Therefore we should plunge into action. Nothing else is true, like religion, tradition, god or the details about god. Keep it in your mind.

(Periyar spoke as above in the year 1970. Readers, please reckon the statistics and other details accordingly)

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